Sunday, November 22, 2015


So, I found a Korean Book of Mormon in our apartment 
and it make me think of Eric! Which is forgot to tell ya,
we are teaching a lady from Japan! 

This really old lady in our ward gave us tons of candy! 
A true grandma :)

We took this picture and then like 30 minutes later we found out I'd
be in a trio with them! 
From let to right: Sister Kelso, Sister Brown, Sister Markus, Sister Mickendrick 

The day Sister Brown left 

So Sister Brown and I went to carve pumpkins but then when we knew she
was leaving we got pumpkins from the amazing Stacy and we carved
them for Halloween. Mine says I [heart] MI

So, when a missionary hits their 6 month mark they burn something! :)
I burned a headband I had :) but we didn't have a gas stove so I just ripped some cardboard
but held it to our electric stove til it caught fire, then I burned the headband, which just melted! 
hahaha ;)

Playing with one of the Bitsilly kids

We had no clean bowls! 

After cleaning the temple 

Sister Mckendrick talks too long :) jk

Stacy- She is a recent covert and has the biggest testimony
I know. I LOVE her!!! 

This is Raeshawn and holy do I love her!!! She is AMAZING!
She is going to be baptized!!!!!!!!!

Raeshawn's family. Missing 5 kids, haha, but these are the ones
I'm teaching. the mom is in red. 

This was the first day in my baby area/first day of the mission

Last day at my baby area 

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