Sunday, November 22, 2015

Letter #26


Wow this week was so crazy! I feel like I just keep flip flopping! haha Because when I got in the first trio I mostly knew Star Heights and was mostly focused on that because the other two were more focused on Chamisa. Now its flipped, I sometimes feel like a one man show! But I know that the Lord is helping me!

So  Wednesday we had Zone conference and that is when we get together with two other Zones and President Miller comes and talks to us. Its great,  I love it! But it lasts pretty much all day! It is good
and  I always learn so much!

So then Thursday we are teaching this family in Chamisa, and I LOVE them! So they are a less active family, they have 8 kids. and I LOVE them!!! hahah So there was one day we got this text and it was a media referral meaning that  someone said they were interested more or less hahah. So it said her name and that they wanted a bible! So we took it over and met them and she said she didn't know how to get a hold of missionaries and this was the only way she knew how!

Long story short, we are now teaching the 3 kids who are 9, 11, and 15! They just accept everything and it is soo cool how eager they all are to learn! The whole family even the little 3 year old grabs her Book of Mormon and they all just sit and listen! Its great!  So we are shooting for them to be baptized the 30th :)  I feel like we haven't taught them anything they didn't already know  Its great :) I just love them!!!

Then Saturday we had exchanges and Sister Mickendrick and I stayed and went  with Hermana Bleak! So it was kinda a crazy day! But! are you ready for this?!

So we knock on this door and they are speaking Spanish, and so we are like oh Sister Bleak you go do this one. Then they answer the door speaking English and she was sooo sweet and sat and talked with us then she asked if we wanted to come in 

We go in and she gets us water, the family is over and kids are running around and the TV has a movie on and its super loud and craziness everywhere!

Well, we are trying to talk to her then Hermana Bleak asks,Can we sing you a song? and my first thought is what? Because I mean think about it, you just invited in 3 random girls who you have no idea who they are, and they want to sing to you??? ummm WEIRD!!!!

But they say yes and now its like the noise has gotten louder! So we pull out our hymn books and sing Nearer my God to Thee and at first nothing changes. Then I look up from my book looking around right as we are about to sing the chorus, and the TV is paused, kids are stopped listening to us, and then like boom, the spirit just sweeps the room! 

That for sure was the coolest thing I have ever seen, the spirit was sooo strong, we testified to them that what we teach is something that brings us all nearer to God!  :)

It has been a crazy week, Satan.... he just never gives up which is annoying... he's been trying to makes me feel like I just keep getting thrown around, and I'm the odd one out. We talked to a man the other day and he told us he prayers for us because we are soo deceived.... and I was so mad but I know that Satan is just trying to push my buttons...I love this gospel! I LOVE it and I feel like I'm just starting to learn what it is really all about!!

This week I would challenge all of you reading this, to truly learn the gospel! Don't just go scuba diving, go snorkeling!!!

I love you all more than you'll ever know! Thank you for all that you do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alma 26:12

Seester Markus

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