Sunday, November 22, 2015


So, I found a Korean Book of Mormon in our apartment 
and it make me think of Eric! Which is forgot to tell ya,
we are teaching a lady from Japan! 

This really old lady in our ward gave us tons of candy! 
A true grandma :)

We took this picture and then like 30 minutes later we found out I'd
be in a trio with them! 
From let to right: Sister Kelso, Sister Brown, Sister Markus, Sister Mickendrick 

The day Sister Brown left 

So Sister Brown and I went to carve pumpkins but then when we knew she
was leaving we got pumpkins from the amazing Stacy and we carved
them for Halloween. Mine says I [heart] MI

So, when a missionary hits their 6 month mark they burn something! :)
I burned a headband I had :) but we didn't have a gas stove so I just ripped some cardboard
but held it to our electric stove til it caught fire, then I burned the headband, which just melted! 
hahaha ;)

Playing with one of the Bitsilly kids

We had no clean bowls! 

After cleaning the temple 

Sister Mckendrick talks too long :) jk

Stacy- She is a recent covert and has the biggest testimony
I know. I LOVE her!!! 

This is Raeshawn and holy do I love her!!! She is AMAZING!
She is going to be baptized!!!!!!!!!

Raeshawn's family. Missing 5 kids, haha, but these are the ones
I'm teaching. the mom is in red. 

This was the first day in my baby area/first day of the mission

Last day at my baby area 

Letter #31


This has been a pretty good week! Seriously ever since I got my blessing from Elder Ah Loy I have been doing soo much better!  My testimony in prayer and the power of the priesthood have grown soo much!

 So a lot of people ask me how long I have been out and I almost want to just start saying 4 months... haha but nope... 7): ew! So I have been a part of a couple baptisms. But I have never been the missionary who taught the people. I  have just  been there the day they got baptized! This week there was a baptism. 

His name is George and he is in an addiction recovery home. He can only leave the place once a week for church stuff and he has been coming to church for 2 months now! So President had to interview him and then he had to get permission from the First Presidency to get baptized! AND HE DID! 

Wow! So it was before church when we had it! AMAZING! I think that is the best way to start off Sunday, with a baptism! haha So President Miller actually baptized him and when he came up out of the water---beaming! On cloud nine! The spirit was sooooo strong! And I was thinking about it, how someone I have taught has never been baptized, but I"m ok with it because honestly I will never have  a baptism on the mission, they are all Heavenly Fathers and there is a time a reason for everything.

I feel like the number one person I have converted this far on my mission is me! I have come to know Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ soo much! I have so much more of a love for this gospel and you know, I'm grateful for that! :)

I have seen as I make myself more worthy of the Holy Ghost, being 100% obedient I am more of an effective tool in Gods hands!

The other night we were going to see some families, but I felt like we should go see this former investigator, so we did.

Long story short, she wants to be baptized! We are for sure harvesting all past missionaries labors! 

I am beyond grateful for this work that I so honorably get to be a part of!

I love you all, thank you for all you do each and every day!!

Sister Markus 

Letter #30


So a ton has happened this transfer! 3 areas, 4 companions, and a ton more.

A lot that has happened this transfer is honestly sacred to me, I am not going to share all of it but I will tell you what happened this week.

So going back to my 3rd transfer, I thought when I was praying I was talking to a wall and just felt like God wasn’t even there listening...

Well speed up to now... wow..

Well, my anxiety has been sooo bad! Like ugh wow wow wow! So if you remember Elder Ah Loy who was my first Zone leader and we went to Bingham together etc. Well, currently he is an assistant to the President and is going home on Wednesday! He’s finished his mission……… crazy!!! I felt like I just became such good friends with him. When I get a blessing I want it to be by someone who knows me!

So I’m here in Los Lunas about 40 mins from where Elder Ah Loy is and so when I got here I was just praying to Heavenly Father that I needed Elder Ah Loy to come and give me a blessing.

Well this this last Saturday - Tuesday it was bad. I have never felt like that before and I hated it! I didn’t want to do anything and it was just super hard! So Tuesday night I was praying hard! And I just needed Elder Ah Loy to give me a blessing!

Then that night I had a dream that he came and was able to give me an amazing blessing! There were a ton of people in the room and I was just so happy! There was a sister writing it all down for me (the blessing).  I told Elder Ah Loy I needed him to take my anxiety away! But in the blessing he told me he couldn't take it away because it was going to be able to help others….

So I wake up sooo needing him to come help me! I tell my STL’s that I need him to come. So they have to ask our zone leaders to ask the APs to come…….right.  Well, since Elder Ah Loy is leaving they are training a new AP. 

So the sisters say that they are going to see if they can get Elder Ah Loy to come give me a blessing! Then I get a text saying that he won’t be able to come.  I cried sooo hard! I was so mad! All day I was just saying no, I know he has to come!
After I found out he couldn’t come I was yelling at Heavenly Father. How could I have such a great hope and go through so many hard things and not have him come!

 So all day I was having a hard hard hard time!!!!  I knew our zone leaders were coming over and coming to visit us, so then they came and our STL’s (So now 6 missionaries counting us!) were over.

One Elder actually has really bad anxiety so he was able to help me and stuff!! That was great! Then I was about to ask for a blessing but I just thought to wait... then there was a knock at the door! I thought it was our district leader, then it was ELDER AH LOY!!

I just started crying and crying!!! I asked him who told him to come and he was sooo confused! He was like, what? What is going on? And I said who told you to come, and he told us no one! He said that on Monday they had planned to come see us, then that day (wed) they were going to go see the backup companions instead of us, but he said no lets go see the Los Lunas Sisters.

I have NEVER had something like that happen! And my testimony of prayer grew! I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord hears us! He hears every spoken and unspoken prayer!!!

Elder Ah Loy gave me a blessing on Wednesday! Counting us there were 9 missionaries, and the one sister wrote down my blessing, and he said some of the same things in the blessing that I had a dream about! He also said some pretty amazing other things!!!

I LOVE prayer. I know the power of the priesthood is REAL! And I LOVE this gospel! I have been doing a ton better! I haven’t had anxiety since then!!!!

It’s getting better! I love you all :)

Sister Markus 

Letter #29


So this week was better, and don’t worry my family, it is getting better and I’m not as stressed anymore! The only hard part about this week is that my companion always says I don’t know, then she gives up! But it’s just making me a stronger missionary because I’m working my butt off! hahah :) 

So this week we got to go somewhere called Mandy’s Farm! And you guessed it, it is a place where special needs kids go for different activities! Ahh oh my goodness does Heavenly Father know me or what? At this point I think I’m his favorite! Everywhere I have gone there has been something to do with special needs kids! I love it, they are my therapy! That was great! 

Also, there is this lady named Kathleen and long story short, she has been waiting for a testimony for 15 years and now she has one and wants to be baptized! That was crazy!!! She is sooo awesome and so sweet! 

Something I have noticed is we are seeing a lot of good things and it’s all from past missionaries!!

Halloween was good, we had 4 lessons planned but they all fell through....that was hard, but we went to our ward trunk or treat and that was fun! :) 

Then our Mission President asked us to go in early, so we did! It was a good day!

But starting on about Friday I was thinking of a name my last companion told me about, she is a former investigator. Anyways, I was thinking about her and I had pulled out her teaching record and I couldn’t remember where I put it. Sunday I found it and I told Sister Christensen to call her, and she did and the lady was so excited she talked about how she thought the missionaries forgot about her and how she really wants us to come back! That was sooooo cool!!

Other than that it’s going well! We have a baptism coming up, but I’ve only met him 2 times! hahah but its great! :) 

Anyways I love you family! Thanks for all the love!!!

Sister Markus 

Letter #28


So this week  it was tiring Tuesday, weepy Wednesday, trying Thursday, fine Friday, sad Saturday super Sunday and meltdown Monday!

WOW! MY anxiety has shot through the roof! I think it was at an all new high! The first night here, I realize.... I left my pillow in Rio Rancho...... like 30-40 minutes away! ugh..... and I just felt like I left home! I was sooooo home sick but for Rio Rancho!!!!! 

I felt like I left my family and ugh its hard!!!!! Sister Christensen has only 3 months left...which is hard... I sometimes feel like I am mostly pulling the weight.. shes kinda trunky and so its hard because she always pulls the, I don't know, I don't know.....I  have only been here for 3 weeks! UGH!!!  WELL I HAVE BEEN HERE 3 DAYS! So that's hard.... haha but its good because it is making me an even more diligent and consecrated missionary!

We have been finding a lot of new people because they haven't had a lot of people to teach! So we are finding them! 

There is one guy, George who will be getting baptized soon, I have only met him once, not sure on a lot about him! But its going good!

The good thing too is with the hard time I'm having I have truly felt Heavenly Father's help and I can seriously feel his comfort!!! yaya!!

Sorry its not a long letter, more next week!!!

Love Sister Markus

Letter #27


Ok so this has probably been the most AMAZING week on my mission!!

So starting on Wednesday, we had 4 lessons with investigators and members (which last week we only got 5) so that was sooo great! And the lessons weren't just like so so lessons but like spirit packed progressing lessons which was amazing! I just felt like I was on a spiritual high that day!!! Then we had a lesson with just Raeshawn Bitsilly one of the kids we are teaching, she is 15.

So we teach her the Plan of Salvation and the spirit is sooo strong and it was great and she said the most heart felt prayer ever!!! At the end of the lesson I felt like I needed to ask if she was ok, but I didn't. That was at 4:00 then by 8:00 Sister Mckendrick was also like, I feel like I needed to ask her what she was thinking. So we went back. We had no idea what we were going to say or do..
And we go back and the mom answers the door kinda shocked like what are you doing here? haha but then we talk to Raeshawn and all is good then we are leaving and the mom follows us out, she tells us how she had been having such a hard time and praying for help and reading the scriptures then we showed up! She told us that we were sent to come see her! THAT WAS SOO COOL! Being an instrument in the Lords hands :) 

Then the next couple of days we were just seeing the Lord's hand in this work! We got 7 new investigators in 2 weeks!! woot woot! That was awesome!!! 

Then on Saturday this sweet family invited us over for dinner, at her brothers 50th wedding anniversary!! It was so awkward, we sat at a table and no one sat by us hahaha but it was sweet, but really funny!

Then on Sunday we spoke in the Star Heights ward. That was fun! I talked about Ammon because I just love him!!! But President Miller found out we were speaking and came!!! They sat right behind us and i was sooo scared ahhh!!!!! But it was good, but President Miller just scares me sometimes! But I just love him too :)

Then Monday, we got to clean my favorite place. THE TEMPLE! I have never done that before so I was sooo excited! It was cool because they had us still wear white and we got to go into rooms we normally wouldn't have gone in! They showed us secret rooms and ahh! There is still a great spirit in the temple even if you are vacuuming! ;)

But then we went out side and planted flowers. That was fun then i look up....


ahhh He gives me a heart attack sometimes! My first thought is, what did I  do wrong? But they were just talking. They live close to the temple so I thought, oh maybe they are just visiting, then president asks if he can talk with me........ Sooo he tells me that there is a sister who is going home in Los Lunas, and that we are the only trio in the mission, and that he needs me to go down to Los Lunas!

SO NOW IM IN LOS LUNAS!! So in this transfer I have had 4 companions, and 3 areas! WOW!  It seems soo weird and its a completely different world! Its crazy but I'm loving it! I got here today! My companion is my first STL so we already know and love each other!

It was helpful too because Sister Mckendrick was here so she gave me some good info on the area!! :)

So I am excited!!! I love this gospel and I am more than excited to share it with the wonderful people in Los Lunas :)


Sister Markus 

Letter #26


Wow this week was so crazy! I feel like I just keep flip flopping! haha Because when I got in the first trio I mostly knew Star Heights and was mostly focused on that because the other two were more focused on Chamisa. Now its flipped, I sometimes feel like a one man show! But I know that the Lord is helping me!

So  Wednesday we had Zone conference and that is when we get together with two other Zones and President Miller comes and talks to us. Its great,  I love it! But it lasts pretty much all day! It is good
and  I always learn so much!

So then Thursday we are teaching this family in Chamisa, and I LOVE them! So they are a less active family, they have 8 kids. and I LOVE them!!! hahah So there was one day we got this text and it was a media referral meaning that  someone said they were interested more or less hahah. So it said her name and that they wanted a bible! So we took it over and met them and she said she didn't know how to get a hold of missionaries and this was the only way she knew how!

Long story short, we are now teaching the 3 kids who are 9, 11, and 15! They just accept everything and it is soo cool how eager they all are to learn! The whole family even the little 3 year old grabs her Book of Mormon and they all just sit and listen! Its great!  So we are shooting for them to be baptized the 30th :)  I feel like we haven't taught them anything they didn't already know  Its great :) I just love them!!!

Then Saturday we had exchanges and Sister Mickendrick and I stayed and went  with Hermana Bleak! So it was kinda a crazy day! But! are you ready for this?!

So we knock on this door and they are speaking Spanish, and so we are like oh Sister Bleak you go do this one. Then they answer the door speaking English and she was sooo sweet and sat and talked with us then she asked if we wanted to come in 

We go in and she gets us water, the family is over and kids are running around and the TV has a movie on and its super loud and craziness everywhere!

Well, we are trying to talk to her then Hermana Bleak asks,Can we sing you a song? and my first thought is what? Because I mean think about it, you just invited in 3 random girls who you have no idea who they are, and they want to sing to you??? ummm WEIRD!!!!

But they say yes and now its like the noise has gotten louder! So we pull out our hymn books and sing Nearer my God to Thee and at first nothing changes. Then I look up from my book looking around right as we are about to sing the chorus, and the TV is paused, kids are stopped listening to us, and then like boom, the spirit just sweeps the room! 

That for sure was the coolest thing I have ever seen, the spirit was sooo strong, we testified to them that what we teach is something that brings us all nearer to God!  :)

It has been a crazy week, Satan.... he just never gives up which is annoying... he's been trying to makes me feel like I just keep getting thrown around, and I'm the odd one out. We talked to a man the other day and he told us he prayers for us because we are soo deceived.... and I was so mad but I know that Satan is just trying to push my buttons...I love this gospel! I LOVE it and I feel like I'm just starting to learn what it is really all about!!

This week I would challenge all of you reading this, to truly learn the gospel! Don't just go scuba diving, go snorkeling!!!

I love you all more than you'll ever know! Thank you for all that you do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alma 26:12

Seester Markus

Letter #25


OK, is everyone sitting down?  It's about to get crazy!

So transfers were last week, it is Sister Brown and Sister Markus! Going through the week, and I don't really know the place because last transfer I was going between Star Heights and Chamisa and she was as well! So Sister Brown kinda knows the area but not really. So really it is like her and I are pink washing the area! ( both of us completely new to the area) so it was hard because we didn't have a GPS and Chamisa is way bigger than Star Heights, its huge! So I have no idea, we don't know any of the less actives, nothing, stressful. Well it was Wednesday and Sister Brown was telling me how she wants to go home. (She has depression and has been having a really hard time) we have meetings with DR.s and people who might be able to help! I tried to help her and make her feel better. But we end up calling President Miller, then on Friday someone who works with him who I think is a councilor comes and talks with Sister Brown. Then an hour later we are driving to an appointment and she said she didn't want to talk about it. Then like 20 minutes later, President calls us and tells Sister Brown he thinks the best thing for her is to go home.....

So I lost Sister Brown... it was really really sad because I really loved her and she was such a great missionary! We are hoping within 3 months she will be right back! :)

So then President had to find someone to be my new companion. So usually when this happens he takes a sister that is in a trio and has them come to me..... there are no trios in the whole mission right now.
So.... we are back in a trio with Star Heights!!! hahah oh my goodness I just cant leave Star Heights hahaha :) It was funny because first I was in Star Heights, then Star Heights and Chamisa then just Chamisa then back to Chamisa and Star Heights then next transfer I will  probably go back to Star Heights hahaha I'll just never leave! Just kidding.........

I know 100% that this is Gods plan. That this was supposed to happen and I am excited! So my two new companions are Sister Kelso and Sister Mickendrick!!!! I am pretty sure we were all best friends before we came to earth! hahaha I LOVE them!!! Sister Mickendrick's last companion was.... SISTER BAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow wow wow!! 

haha she also trained Sister Bowen (who I knew before the mission!) so great! so that is what has happened.

Another crazy thing, we got a new Zone Leader, who's name is Elder Summerhays, whose gram-pa was Jake's mission president in Florida! WOW! And wasn't it Elder Summerhays who came to our stake conference before I left for my mission? I think it was! Anyways...... that's crazy!!!! But that is pretty much it!   So FYI............ 


It was crazy.......I found out the night before I had to pack for the next day to go to the apartment! 

I love you all and don't worry if you have sent anything to the Chamisa house I will still be able to get it!!!

Well I'm SUPER excited for this new adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE Sister Markus 

Letter #24


OK wow!!! ahhh crazyness!!!! This week was crazy stressful!
So if you get a call to be a trainer or an STL you get a call from President Miller. So Tuesday night comes and he is calling us! I'm freaking out because I've been in Rio Rancho 6 months (woot woot) and there are 27 new missionaries! 27! So I answer the phone and say hello and he talks to me a little and then he asks for Sister Miller (haha his wife) and I think oooooo he meant Sister Markus!!! I was soo excited because I want to train sooo bad or I really want to be an STL but I don't know how to explain it! But honestly I have seen myself  change soo much! I have really tried to have those attributes of Christ.
But then he asks for Sister Wilson and she was called to be a trainer and an STL. .... that was hard. I honestly had a hard time this week because I felt like where I didn't read the Book of Mormon before I came out on my mission it almost set me back. I guess you could say, I thought that I held myself from that progression and that I could have trained this transfer if I would have gotten my act together sooner. But I know I know.... Satan just worked on me this week,....ewww..  but I know that everything happens for a reason and that it will all happen how God wants it to because well...God has perfect timing! Soooo here is the transfer news....

Star Heights and Chamisa will be their own areas again.... Sister Wilson is being transferred... we think possibly to Santa Fe then Sister Brown and I will stay in Chamisa and Star Heights will have completely different sisters come in!!! WOWOW WOWOWOWOWWOW!!!

So I won't be in my baby area anymore... ): I am soooo going to miss Star Heights and it is gonna be weird because I will see them at church and stake meetings ahhh weird, but I'm excited I get to stay with Sister Brown!

So the  lesson I learned this week is Heavenly Father knows us more than we truly know ourselves and knows 100% what is going to be the best learning experiences for us! So I know good things are to come. There is a quote by my good friend Jeffery. He said once in a meeting....

"don't you quit! You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead. Some blessings come soon.Some come late, and some don't come till Heaven. But for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they willcome. It will be all right in the end. Trust God, and believe in good things to come."

......which is sooo crazy because that is what was said in the General Women's Conferance!!! wow! So the Lord sooo knew I needed to hear that! I just need to keep going strong and hold on, because good things are to come!

I love you all and I am sooooooo excited for conference!!!! Before you watch it pray and ask a question to God  that you are in need of, because you will get one :)

Love Hermana Markus