Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Kaylee didn't have a coat with her when it started to get cold! 

She was at an investigators house and they asked where her coat was and she told them it was on its way! The family doesn't have much money and live in a trailer, but she gave Kaylee this jacket. She said it weights at least 3lbs!

She had another investigator ask where her coat was and she said its coming! The investigator gave her a coat too! its from Calvin Kline and she has been wearing it ever sense! 

Letter #36

December 22, 2015

What a crazy week this has been! But a lot of good! We have found a lot of new investigators and just cool miracles! it just doesn't seem like Christmas is almost here! Just too weird!

My new companion is Sister Rackley from Ohio! Shes different...but I will l get used to it! Anyways! 

This should be good because there is a lot going on this week. Erivin is getting baptized on Dec. 26th! Which will be one year since I went to the temple! crazy! :)  then Kathleen who has been meeting with missionaries forever is getting baptized on the next Saturday! It's exciting!! 

Her brother - Jack German - will be coming down for the baptism on Saturday so that ll be cool! 

We will be able to Skype from a families home, probably sometime around 2:30! I will text you from their phone a little before i can just so you know! 

This Christmas should be fun, we were thinking of going around to less actives and me playing my violin for them! It should be fun!

Well sorry this letter is short nothing too exciting! :)

Ii love you all and hope that you remember why we have this holiday!!!!!

Love sister markus

Sunday, December 20, 2015


so with this pictures we were doing service for our horder investigator and she was sitting in a chair and i was using the swiffer and i was telling her how my mom used one and broke it and right as i said that...i broke it... so i owe her a new one hahahaha

This is on exchanges at our ward Christmas party, the rolls are from a member who makes the world’s best rolls, so they had to be in the picture!

Our power has been out all day and I'm scared of the dark, so I tied flashlights to the ceiling to have some light :)

back on thanksgiving, had to get the good stuff!!!!

Letter #35

December 14th 

So this week was crazy good and great!!!

So on Tuesday we had Elder Bennett of the 70 come and talk with us! That was amazing!!! He spoke in last conference! Wow is he just a power house!!! Totally changed how I will do missionary work and live life!!! When talking to an elder he said, "I love you, but stop it!"

which i think that applies to everything! It goes to a good better best type thing and we need to not worry about all the little things!

It was just sooo great but then my companion wasn't taking notes and I was just having a hard time knowing she wasn't probably taking any of this to heart because of past things shes done I've kinda lost trust in her... anyways I was soooo stressed and I got to see my favorite companions Sister Mckendrick and Kelso!  I love them and I have missed them!  Then after shaking Elder Bennetts hand I saw an Elder who used to be my district leader who helped me and I lost it! Remembering what great companions I had and how hard working.... I lost it, and I mean anxiety and panic attack thinking of coming back to Los Lunas and me being the only one working, and not know if one of us was going to get transferred and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Then all these missionaries are around me start asking if I was ok and I said I need to talk to President! hahah oh man......so I was able to and man is he called of God!

I just love him! Anyways he told me good things to help me and he knew how hard it was for me and told me..... 

Sister Christensen is getting transferred!! Oh man... I love her as a friend but as a mission companion.....wow.... sometimes I  think that is why we were together...it is because all my companions have been power houses so I think Heavenly Father was like ok....this is how you'll feel if you don't work hard!!! wow....

So that helped this week, and there were lots of times when she didn't want to do anything but it was good knowing I only had 5 more days with her.. that sounds bad but...

Other cool things....... I have been really wanting to be bold in lessons and have it be by the spirit! well, (oh and Elder Bennett talked about that too!) so we were in a lesson and I didn't think I was being bold, but after the lesson the  member said and I quote,

"your boldness was by the spirit and I could see that!" ahhh I about cried!!! yay! 

Also, we have  some cool investigators!

Ervin-is 11 years old has been taking the lessons forever with his mom Jennifer and just now his dad Warren!They have been taking lessons so long that when Sister Mckendrick was here a year ago she taught them!  Well, when we first met ErvIn he said he was going to get baptized Jan 29! That was in Oct. and now he's getting baptized Dec. 26! (which will be one year since I went to the temple~) sooo excited for him!!!!

Kathleen Marshell  l- has been learning from missionaries for 15 years. Her brother is Jack Marshell who was in the 70's, and a motivational youth speaker.  Anyways, she is super catholic! Hard headed and hard hard 68 year old horder, but you cant but love her, SHES GETTING BAPTIZED JAN. 2!!!!!

So its been good, oh best part!

WE GOT SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well family I love you!!! I'm excited for this next transfer, no I don't  know anything about Christmas yet, sorry doing my best and trying not to stress myself out! I love you~~~~

Sister Markus

Letter #34

December 7th 

So today is p-day...hahaha I forgot..... we just have soo many things going on this week, this month really!

So tomorrow we will have a Christmas Zone Conference and Elder Bennett from the 70 will come and talk with us more! 

Honestly, I don't have a lot to say about this week. It has been hard. My companion doesn't want to work and she has told me all this stuff of why she doesn't

want to work and there is only so much I can do to help her, but its her choice if she works hard.

Its just  been hard on me because I feel like all of the missionary work is on me, trying to lift her and to put back the area and gain the ward trust and bsdlfe;aohfoerlghlkdsnlkna

anyways, it will get better....I refuse other wise!!!!!

Also,  next Monday will be a pday as well. It will be the end of the transfer, this one was short because of Christmas, so the next 2 transfers will be in 7 weeks!!

ummm yup I think that's it!  I love you!

Letter #33

December 1, 2015

This week was good, its been a hard week because my companion is having a hard time with going home. I am doing most the work, I have to tell her when its time to go, to wake up, etc....so that is hard, I feel like I have a shadow more than a companion... but the Lord puts us where he needs us!

So we can start knocking doors and caroling, yay! I'm excited but scared! haha it'll be good :) I am beyond excited for this Christmas Season! I think it will be the best one I will ever have in my life!
Set a part as a representative of Jesus Christ, sharing with people why he was born! Sorry,  I'm gonna have a better Christmas then all of you! hahah I'm excited!

Thanksgiving in New Mexico is great! The Lord really does send you where he knows you! hahah  THEY PUT RED CHILI ON EVERYTHING! 

Red chili on the turkey, red chili on mashed potatoes, red chili on stuffing!!! yum yum yum!!!!!! Its amazing! Its spicy and ahhh sooo good! :) hahaha We had dinner at two places! The second was with an investigator. We ate at her families house who's mom is the only member! It was sooo fancy! Like 5 * fancy! 3 course meal! wow.... we got there and there was soup and I got some on my spoon,- they are Japanese fyi-  and its this huge thing of seaweed! But of course I had to eat it! Then there was fish stuff...mmm! hahah

Anyways, it’s been good! This week I'm gonna work hard!

I love you all soooo much!!!!

Sister Markus

Letter #32

November 24, 2015

I am thankful for:

My Heavenly Father who knows my 110%, who knows my strengths, my weaknesses, my anxiety I go through my trials of growth that he gives me. That He has given me a plan of Salvation to be able to return to not only live with him but to live with my AMAZING family! 

My Savior Jesus Christ who so lovingly went through every anxiety attack I have and will go through, that he knows how I feel when I get yelled at a door step, that he knows what it feels like to be away from my family for almost 8 months! That he knows my joy of sharing this gospel with my brothers and sisters, the joy I feel when I learn more in the gospel. That because he went through all of that I can be clean and live with my Heavenly Father and family FOREVER!

I'm grateful for my stupid anxiety...oh I cant believe I said that, but I am! Because the growth it has caused me is great!

I am grateful for my mission, because I know if i didn't come I would NOT have the relationship with Heavenly Father I have now! That I wouldn't know how to do hard things! That I would never learn how to truly rely on my Father in Heaven to forgot my self and to love others!

I am thankful for the people I have been able to meet on my mission to help me along!

I am grateful for the worlds most AMAZING mom! I cant even begin to express how amazing she is and all that she does for me! I will forever owe her! I love her and I hope one day I can grow up and at least be half the mom that she is!

I am grateful for a dad who truly loves the gospel! Who knows the importance of the full restored gospel and has always shown us kids how to treasure of the word of God! I hope one dayIi can truly apply and understand the scriptures like he does!

My Sissy! Oh my sissy! How I have always looked up to you and wanted to be just like you! You are sooo smart! I am truly inspired by how much you know, going to school and learning! You showed me the importance of that, but most of all you showed me how to be silly! I am beyond grateful for all the times we laugh soo hard we cry! Our outings to One Sweet Slice and Cafe Rio! Oh our love for Cafe Rio! I love you sissy!

Eric, everyday and I mean EVERYDAY I say what would Eric do?  I LOVE you more than you know! When I grow up I want to marry someone like you! Someone who was a consecrated missionary, who works hard, knows the importance of family. I wish I knew how to explain it, but I just aspire to be like you! I talk about you to everyone I meet, even my investigators! I love you!!

Dallin, I truly hope one day you realize that I truly do love you! That I will never stop loving you! Dallin, always growing up in school at home when I was with friends people constantly talked about how amazing you were and guess what, I was sooooooo extremely proud to say yup, that's my brother! Dallin I pray for you daily, I hope one day you will see the blessings that come from this gospel! But know it takes work, that all great things take hard work. and you know 100% what hard work is! I Love you Dallin! Thank you for everything you have taught me!!!

I love you family! I hope you all have an amazing week! :)

Love sister Markus :)