Sunday, June 14, 2015

Picture Update

2 Month-aversary

Sister Markus and Sister Baker

Zone family! 

A car Kaylee saw on the way to church

They got a car! No more bike riding during hail storms! 

"So there is this cute family named the Molinas! the dad got really sick and now is only a 100 lbs. the mom has to work and has 3 boys under age of 4! but they are the most humble family ever! so we went and did service for them!  we went and saw them one night when we were having a really bad day and in a bad mood, long story short, when you're having a bad time go visit someone who's have a worse time! i love them!!!"

"My zone family...); Elder Sheldon my District leader went home and im so sad, and everyone pretty much left, not really but it feels like it haha" :)

"HOT AIR BALLOONS!! I  lllloooovvveeee them! ahhh its soo cool ive never seen one in person and wowo they are amazing! so im obsessed!"

Letter #8

This week nothing too exciting has happened. Sister Baker and I have made it more of a priority to contact more people. Man am I grateful for a car! IT IS SOO HOT!!! But it is crazy because we are just meeting a ton of mean people! And here is the thing, if you don't want to hear what we have to say then you don't have to yell at us! You can nicely say, I'm not interested! And man when people told me before my mission that people would slam the door in your face, I didn't think that that is what people actually do! People will yell at us to leave and then slam the door! There was one lady we knocked at her door, and she looked at us through the window and was like "OH GREAT" so she opens the door and we say hello (all nice and happy) and she FREAKS out! She says,"DO YOU HAVE YOUR RIO RANCHO SOLICITING/PROSELYTING PERMIT?!" and it totally took us off guard so we were like umm.......We have a little white card that says we can be proselyting so I showed her it and she read it and shes like "Ok, this isn't for Rio Rancho. You need one for Rio Rancho!! My husband is an attorney so I need you to leave right now before I make things a bigger deal!!!"

That made us mad! Like wow! But Sister Baker read us a little talk thing after we got home that night  and it was like a letter from one Elder to another about a companion he had. They were getting doors slammed in their face and the companion told this Elder "we have to get doors slammed in our faces so the Lord can trust us and know that we are going to listen to where he wants us to go!" So that helped and I've thought more that it is just helping so I don't get so upset over them and that it really is showing the Lord that I'm willing to get yelled at to help find that one person that needs to hear his gospel! 

I'm loooving my mission! I miss you all like crazy! :)

With love, from me to you,
Sister Markus :) 

Letter #7

his week was soooo freaking crazy!!!!!!! so Wednesday we had interviews with president miller! i love him so much, he is so great and so inspired! We were talking and he said, Sister Markus, is there anything i can help you with? i told him that is had kind of a hard time oym-ing and that i didn't really like to role play very much. and he sat back in his seat and said ok... Let's role play! AHH WHAT?!!? so that was interesting, but sooo good! I told him how i feel like i don't know a lot and how I'm scared that someone is going to ask me a question i don't know. but he told me that to tell them look, i dont know but id love to be able to meet with you again and i could look up that question, do you have anymore. then he said they are going to be more willing to listen to me because they will see that im learning just with them! i really liked that. then he we were also just talking, and ahh it was just soo great! but he was aing how i have a special gift, and he always says if only you could see you through my eyes! and i think yeah i get that, but dont think much of it, but then he told me "there is less than 5% of people in this area who have the gift and talent to talk to people and love them. And i can see who has that, and you Sister Markus have that!" it was sooo cool because i just felt the spirit soo strong. i know that God needs me on a mission and he gave me talents to help with his work! Also i read my patriarchal blessing this week! you should read that because its awesome! Then after we met with them we were waiting outside (sister baker and I) and president and sister miller came out and asked if we needed a ride. So they drove us home and president saw how there aren't any sidewalks and how the roads for riding/walking isn't the best. so he looked at us and said, you need a car? that was funny ....WE GOT A CAR THE NEXT DAY!!!!!! hahah it was great! :)  We went contacting and had a lot of people yell at us! wow who knew people can be mean! One lady said to "Never come back because we don't believe in a false prophet like you do!" or people will just open the door, look at you and slam it. haha is its hard being yelled at! but oh well, the lord will bless us this week and it'll be great!! we had transfers, everyone in the zone changed but sister baker and i! my district leader went home today, i really liked him! and Elder AH Loy who likes like right by us is changed! its great, im going to miss my old zone but im excited for my new zone family, i thought Sister Bowen might be in my zone but she isn't. So ill have to wait and see her soon hopefully!  but other than that i think that's it! im loving it here and i hope i never leave Star Heights! I love you all sooo much!!!!!!!!

Sister Markus :)