Sunday, November 22, 2015

Letter #28


So this week  it was tiring Tuesday, weepy Wednesday, trying Thursday, fine Friday, sad Saturday super Sunday and meltdown Monday!

WOW! MY anxiety has shot through the roof! I think it was at an all new high! The first night here, I realize.... I left my pillow in Rio Rancho...... like 30-40 minutes away! ugh..... and I just felt like I left home! I was sooooo home sick but for Rio Rancho!!!!! 

I felt like I left my family and ugh its hard!!!!! Sister Christensen has only 3 months left...which is hard... I sometimes feel like I am mostly pulling the weight.. shes kinda trunky and so its hard because she always pulls the, I don't know, I don't know.....I  have only been here for 3 weeks! UGH!!!  WELL I HAVE BEEN HERE 3 DAYS! So that's hard.... haha but its good because it is making me an even more diligent and consecrated missionary!

We have been finding a lot of new people because they haven't had a lot of people to teach! So we are finding them! 

There is one guy, George who will be getting baptized soon, I have only met him once, not sure on a lot about him! But its going good!

The good thing too is with the hard time I'm having I have truly felt Heavenly Father's help and I can seriously feel his comfort!!! yaya!!

Sorry its not a long letter, more next week!!!

Love Sister Markus

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