Sunday, November 22, 2015

Letter #27


Ok so this has probably been the most AMAZING week on my mission!!

So starting on Wednesday, we had 4 lessons with investigators and members (which last week we only got 5) so that was sooo great! And the lessons weren't just like so so lessons but like spirit packed progressing lessons which was amazing! I just felt like I was on a spiritual high that day!!! Then we had a lesson with just Raeshawn Bitsilly one of the kids we are teaching, she is 15.

So we teach her the Plan of Salvation and the spirit is sooo strong and it was great and she said the most heart felt prayer ever!!! At the end of the lesson I felt like I needed to ask if she was ok, but I didn't. That was at 4:00 then by 8:00 Sister Mckendrick was also like, I feel like I needed to ask her what she was thinking. So we went back. We had no idea what we were going to say or do..
And we go back and the mom answers the door kinda shocked like what are you doing here? haha but then we talk to Raeshawn and all is good then we are leaving and the mom follows us out, she tells us how she had been having such a hard time and praying for help and reading the scriptures then we showed up! She told us that we were sent to come see her! THAT WAS SOO COOL! Being an instrument in the Lords hands :) 

Then the next couple of days we were just seeing the Lord's hand in this work! We got 7 new investigators in 2 weeks!! woot woot! That was awesome!!! 

Then on Saturday this sweet family invited us over for dinner, at her brothers 50th wedding anniversary!! It was so awkward, we sat at a table and no one sat by us hahaha but it was sweet, but really funny!

Then on Sunday we spoke in the Star Heights ward. That was fun! I talked about Ammon because I just love him!!! But President Miller found out we were speaking and came!!! They sat right behind us and i was sooo scared ahhh!!!!! But it was good, but President Miller just scares me sometimes! But I just love him too :)

Then Monday, we got to clean my favorite place. THE TEMPLE! I have never done that before so I was sooo excited! It was cool because they had us still wear white and we got to go into rooms we normally wouldn't have gone in! They showed us secret rooms and ahh! There is still a great spirit in the temple even if you are vacuuming! ;)

But then we went out side and planted flowers. That was fun then i look up....


ahhh He gives me a heart attack sometimes! My first thought is, what did I  do wrong? But they were just talking. They live close to the temple so I thought, oh maybe they are just visiting, then president asks if he can talk with me........ Sooo he tells me that there is a sister who is going home in Los Lunas, and that we are the only trio in the mission, and that he needs me to go down to Los Lunas!

SO NOW IM IN LOS LUNAS!! So in this transfer I have had 4 companions, and 3 areas! WOW!  It seems soo weird and its a completely different world! Its crazy but I'm loving it! I got here today! My companion is my first STL so we already know and love each other!

It was helpful too because Sister Mckendrick was here so she gave me some good info on the area!! :)

So I am excited!!! I love this gospel and I am more than excited to share it with the wonderful people in Los Lunas :)


Sister Markus 

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