Sunday, November 22, 2015

Letter #25


OK, is everyone sitting down?  It's about to get crazy!

So transfers were last week, it is Sister Brown and Sister Markus! Going through the week, and I don't really know the place because last transfer I was going between Star Heights and Chamisa and she was as well! So Sister Brown kinda knows the area but not really. So really it is like her and I are pink washing the area! ( both of us completely new to the area) so it was hard because we didn't have a GPS and Chamisa is way bigger than Star Heights, its huge! So I have no idea, we don't know any of the less actives, nothing, stressful. Well it was Wednesday and Sister Brown was telling me how she wants to go home. (She has depression and has been having a really hard time) we have meetings with DR.s and people who might be able to help! I tried to help her and make her feel better. But we end up calling President Miller, then on Friday someone who works with him who I think is a councilor comes and talks with Sister Brown. Then an hour later we are driving to an appointment and she said she didn't want to talk about it. Then like 20 minutes later, President calls us and tells Sister Brown he thinks the best thing for her is to go home.....

So I lost Sister Brown... it was really really sad because I really loved her and she was such a great missionary! We are hoping within 3 months she will be right back! :)

So then President had to find someone to be my new companion. So usually when this happens he takes a sister that is in a trio and has them come to me..... there are no trios in the whole mission right now.
So.... we are back in a trio with Star Heights!!! hahah oh my goodness I just cant leave Star Heights hahaha :) It was funny because first I was in Star Heights, then Star Heights and Chamisa then just Chamisa then back to Chamisa and Star Heights then next transfer I will  probably go back to Star Heights hahaha I'll just never leave! Just kidding.........

I know 100% that this is Gods plan. That this was supposed to happen and I am excited! So my two new companions are Sister Kelso and Sister Mickendrick!!!! I am pretty sure we were all best friends before we came to earth! hahaha I LOVE them!!! Sister Mickendrick's last companion was.... SISTER BAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow wow wow!! 

haha she also trained Sister Bowen (who I knew before the mission!) so great! so that is what has happened.

Another crazy thing, we got a new Zone Leader, who's name is Elder Summerhays, whose gram-pa was Jake's mission president in Florida! WOW! And wasn't it Elder Summerhays who came to our stake conference before I left for my mission? I think it was! Anyways...... that's crazy!!!! But that is pretty much it!   So FYI............ 


It was crazy.......I found out the night before I had to pack for the next day to go to the apartment! 

I love you all and don't worry if you have sent anything to the Chamisa house I will still be able to get it!!!

Well I'm SUPER excited for this new adventure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOVE Sister Markus 

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