Sunday, November 22, 2015

Letter #29


So this week was better, and don’t worry my family, it is getting better and I’m not as stressed anymore! The only hard part about this week is that my companion always says I don’t know, then she gives up! But it’s just making me a stronger missionary because I’m working my butt off! hahah :) 

So this week we got to go somewhere called Mandy’s Farm! And you guessed it, it is a place where special needs kids go for different activities! Ahh oh my goodness does Heavenly Father know me or what? At this point I think I’m his favorite! Everywhere I have gone there has been something to do with special needs kids! I love it, they are my therapy! That was great! 

Also, there is this lady named Kathleen and long story short, she has been waiting for a testimony for 15 years and now she has one and wants to be baptized! That was crazy!!! She is sooo awesome and so sweet! 

Something I have noticed is we are seeing a lot of good things and it’s all from past missionaries!!

Halloween was good, we had 4 lessons planned but they all fell through....that was hard, but we went to our ward trunk or treat and that was fun! :) 

Then our Mission President asked us to go in early, so we did! It was a good day!

But starting on about Friday I was thinking of a name my last companion told me about, she is a former investigator. Anyways, I was thinking about her and I had pulled out her teaching record and I couldn’t remember where I put it. Sunday I found it and I told Sister Christensen to call her, and she did and the lady was so excited she talked about how she thought the missionaries forgot about her and how she really wants us to come back! That was sooooo cool!!

Other than that it’s going well! We have a baptism coming up, but I’ve only met him 2 times! hahah but its great! :) 

Anyways I love you family! Thanks for all the love!!!

Sister Markus 

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