Sunday, September 27, 2015


 Some of these pictures and descriptions might not make much sense unless you read all of Kaylee's letters!! 

me and the special needs girl! i love her!

we had this huge blessing! so one day we went contacting and saw this guy outside and he was super down. and we were trying to talk to him and he just told us to leave and he said hope you have a good day1 then the next day someoen is the other ward was doing pest control at this guys house and said the the city fined him for weeds in his from yard. and so he asked if he could send people over from our church to come help and the man said yes. IT WAS THE GUY WE TALKED TO THE OTHER DAY! that was crazy so we went and met him and hes suuuppper sick and his wife is older! and so we got the yong women to help! we were nevous becuase he had weeds that went to higher than my hip almost1 and we thought ok we need men to help because im sorry 12 year old girls will not be able to makea dent! then we only had one guy help us and the reast wer the young women! and wow! it looks like a different yard! it was amazing! the spirit was strong and he was sooo happy we helped him!!1 :)

Its was 6 at night and it was sooo hot when we were going out to oym!

Crazy NM rainstorm 

me after the rain!

We did face masks because it was a long hard day! haha :)

Two pictures because i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited that i have my VIOLIN!!!!!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our zone made a title of liberty :) hahah ( an elder cut his shirt and so yup...missionaries!;)  

our dryer is terrible and doesn't work so we have to hang dry everything hahah !!!

So Sister Brown has been on her mission for two months now and she is from Michigan! I had a member give me these HOT green chilies and we had her eat them!!! haahaha We were all dying! It was pretty funny!
This week we are trying to not say anything negative at all and if you do you have to eat green chili's!!! hahahhah :) 
This is us peeling green chilis!!!

Two pictures of our last day of sugar! haha :) 

More pictures from last sugar day! Sister Wilson made fudge stuff hahaha

 and then us eating our green chili's in a tortilla shell with cream cheese!! sooooo goood! :)

oh boy, so every monday we do weekly planning.... where obviously we plan for the week, but between that and personal and companionship study....we are in that room for like 5 hours!!! ahhh so its kinda crazy hahaha

companionship unity on point! ;)

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