Sunday, September 27, 2015

Letter #22

wow, first off crazy! like we only have two more weeks in the transfer and then we are done! ahhh crazy!!! Time is flying by too fast and I hate it more than anything!!!

So the beginning of the week was good, we had lessons and a lot in the Star Heights area! Which made me happy because last transfer we were having like 2 lessons a week and last we had like 5 or so! So by Wednesday we had already 3 lessons in Star Heights! Yay my little baby area (where I was born, ha-ha oh mission lingo) is picking back up! We had a lesson with a lady named Heather and she’s awesome, our Zone leaders were teaching her then she moved to Star Heights! YAY! We were teaching her and it was soo great, she had already seen, on her own, meet the Mormons Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration! Like what?! And you better believe the spirit touched her. Anyways it was super good! 

Then we were able to see a less active family whom I just LOVE! It’s the Rodriguez family! Oh my cuteness! They have two girl and a just new little baby boy!! I just feel such a close connection with them! And he’s trying to work on Word of Wisdom because they want to go to the temple! every time we go over and see them the spirit is sooo strong in their home! This last Sunday they blessed their baby boy Ezra! AHHHH yay sooo happy for them, I wrote down the blessing for Sister Rodriguez and she was so happy! Because there were a lot of good things in the blessing not only for Ezra but for the family! Everyone needs to do Visiting teaching/ Home teaching!  This is a wonderful family and I just know that, had those that were assigned to go see them, they would be active, but they don’t really know anyone in the ward... soooo do your callings because you are assigned to them for a reason! Heavenly Father knows that YOUR testimony is what is helping his Children!!!

Oh then in Chamisa we had a lesson with a 12 year old boy who is from China! ahhh I was trying soo hard not to cry during that lesson! There was a member from the ward who was there and he translates the lessons. And a sweet spirit was there and it just made me think, oh my goodness this is what it was like for Eric! My hero!!! Because this boy, Jake, he had no idea who Christ was who God was nothing, so teaching him about heavenly father and how he loves him! ahh it was great! and it was just cool because I felt cool like Eric! and we all know he’s the coolest person hahaha :)

But then Friday comes,..
We were having personal study, spirit is strong... then Heather (from before) calls. She asks us not to come over, says somethings that honestly made me want to cry.... she doesn’t want us to come back over. But let me be clear, she didn’t say things that hurt my feelings... and this is the hard part about  missionary work that I never understood but now I do.... I had only really met her once and my love for her had grown sooo deep! I feel like I didn’t always know if this gospel was true. And when I for myself knew that it was true, the light the peace and love it brought into my life! I wanted nothing more than for Heather to have that! My heart broke for her. 

Why would she deprive herself the blessings of the restored Gospel!? ahhh my heart hurt for her.
I know how our father in heaven now feels. when we are too stubborn and don’t do what he’s asked us! it kills him I’m sure! I know he’s just thinking, "Don’t you know there is an easier way?"

Let us all treasure the never ending blessings that come from this gospel. let us all become converted and have the gospel illuminate in our countenance!

I love this Gospel with every fiber of my being! Let us all tell our brothers and sisters about the joy this brings!!!

I love you all family and hope you are all doing well! I pray for you daily!!!!!

With love,
From your favorite sister missionary,

Hermana Markus 

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