Sunday, September 27, 2015

Letter #16

WOW only like 2 more weeks of the transfer left! CRAZY! And I have been out on my mission for 4 months! That is crazy because it feels like I just left you all just yesterday! I was talking with Sister Watkins, that since I've left, two apostles have died, gay marriage is legal and Amanda has lost a ton of weight and is stunning, Eric and Hayley have a new house a new baby on the way and Milly moo looks like a different person! WOW that's a lot! hahaha

This letter is going to be short because nothing super exciting happened. I got Dads letter and I'm sure he's going to be a prophet or something! Dad I  just LOVE the way that you read and understand the scriptures and how you know how to apply them to our lives! It helped so much and really opened my eyes. We contact all day long trying to find new people to teach and trying to get a hold of people we used to teach. This week we only had one lesson with an investigator. and we had a lot of 0 on other things, but I felt good about it. The week wasn't good, people were mean and a lot of doors were slammed in our face and no one is interested. But I feel good about the week because I know that I put all of my effort and diligence into the work! I know that God is pleased with my work and that's all he asks for! 

Its amazing how reading- and I mean REALLY reading your scriptures each day can change your look on things. I have been really focused on really having the spirit teach me in my personal and companionship study! It is so important! Oh also, I think everyone reading this letter should read Preach My Gospel! THAT IS NOT JUST FOR MISSIONARIES@!!!!! It has really opened up my understanding of the gospel and I have a deep love for it as well! 

I have such a testimony of the atonement! My favorite scripture about it is Alma 7 11-12. ahhh Everyone read it and put your name into the scripture so it is more meaningful! It is amazing that Christ loves us so much that he went through all of that for us and its not for people who are just members! Christ paid the price for EVERYONES sins, pains EVERYTHING! Sometimes I think we take that too lightly and really, we need to stop and really look and realize everything God does for us! Wow we have such a loving Heavenly Father who loves us more than we will ever understand! I love you family!!!!!!!

Sister Markus :)

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