Sunday, September 27, 2015

Letter #18

This letter might be short! haha Sorry! But it was a good last week! Just a normal week on the mission! haha. This week was hard for Sister Watkins because she is going home! So that was hard..but we got through it! ok I am just going to tell about transfers because that is the main part!

So back story...... I did not want to train because I just thought I wasn't good enough, I don't know enough etc. Well, before transfers I just decided I REALLY wanted to train. Well, if you are going to train you get a call from President Miller. So Thursday is usually when they start calls so I was waiting, waiting, nothing....Friday came..... waiting, waiting, nothing. It was weird because its like I just KNEW I was going to get a call! So then Saturday comes and we are doing service and all of a sudden our phone starts ringing! So I'm like SISTER THE PHONE! She is trying to hurry and get it out of her pocket and at this point I am jumping up and down freaking out! haha

Then we look at the phone and it says APs (Assistant to the President) and I thought...... what?!!!  I answer it and its good ol Elder Ah Loy ( the one who used to be my old zone leader and went to Bingham) and he says, Hi Sister Markus. I have early transfer news for you! My heart is going a million miles an hour and I keep thinking.... what? Why are you calling? And then he says,  So Star Heights and  Chamisa (another area in my zone) are combining! They aren't closing my area there will still be missionaries there but its with Chamisa now! So then I thought ok... and he said Sister Markus,  you're going to Chamisa! So then I thought, Wow!!!! That means one of the Chamisa sisters is leaving (which they both are pretty much still training!) and then he says, you will be in a trio with Sister Brown and Sister Wilson! AHHHH A TRIO!!! I am sooooo excited!!!! I know both the sisters and they are great! But its so funny because I have been out for 3 transfers, Sister Wilson has been out for 2 and Sister Brown for 1! Oh how this will be an adventure! But that's pretty much my story for the week! 

I love you all and can truly feel your prayers each and everyday! Thank you for all you do!!!!!!

SIster Markus :)

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