Sunday, September 27, 2015

Letter #21

Ok wow, I have never been sooo tired in my life! Every time we come home we are all just dead! 

Ok Wednesday we had 5 Member Present lessons which is amazing!!! And which is super good FYI! That was such a cool day, we went on splits so Sister Wilson taught a lesson while at the same time Sister Brown and I went and taught two other people and wow it was great!!!! It is fun and a good feeling coming home and feeling like you did good and worked hard! 

At the end of the week we had 10 Member present lessons, which is the goal President Miller has sent for the mission! YA! That was awesome! We got two new investigators and they are super awesome! I am, 100% seeing God bless me for my hard work and for all my efforts! I love this Gospel sooo much and honestly we as members I feel take it for granted and don't really live up to the potential Heavenly Father has given us! What are we doing?

We MUST be reading from the scriptures EVERYDAY! We must go to the temple as much as we can! Heavenly Father has given us soo many tools to safe guard us from the world, why do we not use them?

We were talking to this family who is less active. They have two kids under 4, but they stopped coming to church because its too hard. Yes I know it must be hard, but something we told them was
" if your kids don't have a foundation in Christ and his Gospel, they are going to have a foundation in of the World."  Satan was in the pre- existence with us. He knows and sees your great potential. and he knows that if you use those tools that Heavenly Father has given us the less Satan can really get to us. So yes he is going to tell you, don't read the Book of Mormon. Don't pray, don't go to church, don't go to the temple,don't listen or read conference talks,and when you feel that way, run to them! Sprint! Because that is when we need them the most!!!

I am beyond grateful for Joseph Smith! For not only reading the scriptures but taking action. As he read James 1:5 he felt and knew that he could ask God and he would tell him of the truth. He could have easily said ok well that's nice to know and went on his way! But he didn't, he took action and did something about it! And because he did we now have the glorious Restored Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ!

So I would ask you this week to really ponder and see and ask your self, do I act on the things I learn in the Gospel?

I love you all oh sooo much!! I Love this gospel and I'm spoiled that I grew up in it, but even more so that I now get to spend 24/7 sharing it with my brothers and sisters, our Heavenly Fathers Children!

Oh! Also, I dare each of you to share the Gospel with 3 people this week! OPEN YOUR MOUTH and tell them of the great truths that come from this Gospel! Don't deny them the blessings from knowing this!!!! 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Markus

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