Sunday, September 27, 2015

Letter #15

Letter #15
Wow, first off its crazy I will have been out for 4 months on Saturday! That's crazy!! It has  been a busy crazy week! But I have been trying to have a good attitude about it! Something that I thought of this week is ok, I need to try my best to soak this up and learn everything I can because this is the best place I can be learning something like this! I know at the end of this that my relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is going to be great! I have tried saying more heartfelt prayers and to truly study my scriptures. I'm reading in the Book Of Mormon. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ IT YOU NEED TO!!!!! I can see it changing my life and bringing me closer to Christ! I understand the Atonement better which does help in hard times. When we pray its us talking to God, when we read our scriptures its God answering us! Never forget that!

Yes, I am still having a hard time and things are just not all better, but I'm choosing to have an eternal attitude of gratitude and to be grateful and so should we all! Something that I have seen is a ton of investigators and people have just dropped us and people won't listen to us!  I think God knew this was the best way for me to learn to be bold because as a missionary you MUST be bold!  I know how much the gospel has blessed my life and I know how much it can change others lives! So when we talk with people I have noticed that I am just sooo fed up with people ignoring us etc, that I just am bold with them. Of course, I'm lovingly bold, but bold non the less! And I have seen a change in our OYM's (when we talk to people) because the spirit is there! Also in ward council, our ward members don't give us referrals which is hard because members play a huge role in missionary work! So we don't get any and the stake is really pushing for members to get involved! We were talking in ward council and then I just said "Look, we aren't teaching as many people as we used to and we need member referrals! I am from Utah and I know people who need the Gospel! think of all the blessings that you have received from the Gospel. Now think of the people we know that don't have the Gospel. You are denying them those same blessings by not telling them about this!" 

Yes I said that! WHAT?!?! AHH at first I thought, what the crap did I just say? Wow did I really say that, did I offend anyone? But the spirit was soooo strong! Wow it was amazing! Then the Bishop said we could do a ward council fast next week to find new investigators!  What?!  So being bold and having the spirit is amazing!! So I for sure think that is something that God is teaching me in this trial!! :)

But yeah its been a better week! haha oh we had a CRAZY rain storm, the roads were like rivers! It was great! haha well I love you all and hope all is well! :)

With love from me to you,

Sister Markus :)

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