Sunday, September 27, 2015

Letter #19

Wow ok this week was crazy!!!!! 
So Tues day, we have to take Sister Watkins to the mission office to take her luggage there because she is going home. Well, I, Sister Markus don't have a GPS so I had to follow our STL's (which one of them was leaving) and so we had to be at the mission office by 6am! The STL's wanted us at their house at 5:20am so I woke up at 4:15am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! So that happened but I was super awake and excited and wow! Then we got to the mission office and it was fun and weird because just thinking like wow this is what its like when I am about to go home! But THANK HEAVENS I still have forever 

But then we took pictures at the transfer meeting!!!
This is Hermana Warr! I am in LOVE with her!!! She REALLY helped me when I was having such a hard time! I think she helped me more than she will ever realize!!!! She lives in St. George!!!

​Then we took more pictures so in the one with all of us, Sister Warr is like tickling me so that's why I look so crazy! Then pictures with my dying companion! I killed her.... hahah (mission lingo) but yes its weird to think that we were only companions for 6 weeks and that shes now home!!!

So then we are sitting in transfer meeting and I am sitting in between Sister  Brown and Sister Wilson and then the AP's say in Chamisa is Sister Wilson and Sister Brown.  Then they stand up and then they say serving with them combined with Star Heights is Sister Markus. So then I stand up and we hug each other! It was funny! But then our day began! We went to the Star Heights apartment  and cleaned it out and wow! It was crazy! It was where everything happened, where it all started. We cleaned out the fridge and we had to move my bed and desk and white boards! It was crazy!! Then we were just trying to get everything in order at the new house (the Chamisa sisters live in a house) so it was crazy! But two of the Elders in our zone have been sick and I think they got me sick! I had a super bad sore throat and a bad cough! haha so at the end of the night, I had been up since 4 am! I had to move all my stuff, and we taught a lesson. I just layed in the back seat and slept! hahah

But don't worry its getting better! This week has been crazy! We are still trying to learn how to take over two areas and to have enough work! This week was hard because they didn't know they were getting me and they had their week planned! Also, they had a baptism! That was exciting! His name is Lloyd and  heis super funny! Sister Wilson is an AMAZING and i mean AMAZING piano player and so her and I did a musical number. I played my violin, it was sooo fun! President Miller came and wow that was scary but he and Sister Miller were sooo nice and told me I did good! 
So yes this was a crazy week! But its been good!!!! I love that I'm still in star heights and that I'm in a new place too!! hahha the Lord knows me too well!!!!! :) I love you all!!!!!

Seester Markus 

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