Sunday, September 27, 2015

Letter #23

So this was just a funny week! Too many funny things just happened! So Wednesday we go to dinner with my FAVORITE family in Star Heights! hahaha they have two little boys and he’s a firefighter and she’s a school teacher! Well he does a lot of stuff with his job and then he tells us how he plays the bagpipes! hahaha YES!!! So of course he plays them for us hahha it was just sooo great! Dinner and a show!!!!! 

We have been able to have lots of good lessons this week which is always good! That is my favorite part of missionary work! Getting to teach people!! So when people cancel it kills me! 
So Saturday oh boy,……..Saturday was one of those days where you just have to laugh at yourself because that is all you can do! We went and did service in the morning and Sister Brown was going to throw away this bag of trash, and she picked it up and a fountain of egg yolk came pouring out, but I couldn’t think fast enough to tell her to hurry and put it down, and when she threw it, egg yolk got all over her! haha we just laughed!

Then we went to this less actives home. I can’t remember if I told you, so when we first went over there the first time meeting them Sister Wilson shakes their hands and says, “Hi I’m sister Markus! hahahaha and then I was like like ummm...hi? It was great! We just laughed! Well then back to last Saturday we go over there for the second time, and Sister Wilson is holding their little puppy and it starts peeing on her! We really laughed!!!!!!! Good thing this is an awesome family!!!! :)

Then there was one point after all that had happened I was just like, have you ever had one of those days where you’re just like.... and then there was a guy who was trying to pull out of his drive way on his motorcycle and it dies and he says, OH CRAP! hahaha

So now we say that when our day is going a little crazy! It’s great! Sometimes you are just awkward or mess up what you are trying to say and all you can do is laugh! Laughing is like my most favorite thing! So don’t forget to laugh!

So transfers are coming up! ahhh we are pretty sure our trio will be split up and there are 27 new missionaries coming in!!! That’s crazy so I have a feeling I might train... but I’m not sure I also think I might leave, maybe I’ll go to a new area and train! Who knows!!! hahahah

We decided to by stuff for Oreo shakes this week because if you are going to train you get a call Friday night or something, and so if one of us gets a training call we are going to make shakes! hahaha its great!!!!

Oh man I love my mission! I have stopped counting! As far as I know I still have 18 months on my mission :) I never want to leave!!!! It’s the best possible thing you will ever get to do! If you are trying to decide whether to go on a mission………… GO!!!!!!

It will be the best choice you will ever make!!!! I love you alll!!!!!!!!!!!

Seester Markus :)

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