Sunday, September 27, 2015

Letter #20

First, I am on a computer with a really bad keyboard so I'm sorry if this letter is hard to understand. Ok, wow! So a lot has happened so hopefully I can get it all in without it sounding too crazy! OK so we are still trying to learn how to take over two areas. UT don't worry, God is 110% helping us and we are getting better! There is a man in the Camisa area, his name is Arvi. (RV) and he's crazy awesome! The sister's have been teaching him before I got here and he has never had any doubt. He just accepts what we teach him and knows its true! And with the Word of Wisdom , he just did it and knew it is what God wants for him! WOW!!! haha so he's getting baptized on Saturday so that is exciting! 

We are still trying to find people in Star Heights to teach but we will find them I know it!!! Thursday I went on exchanges with Hermana Neilson. I went to her area (which is the whole zone because she's spanish) and I LOVE it! I love to go out with her because shes sooo sweet and amazing and has such a strong spirit when she teaches! Its also fun because we will be in lessons and I have no idea what she or anyone else is saying but with out a doubt the spirit is soooo strong! So she wrote me a list of things I can say in Spanish during lessons the first time I went on exchanges but  I was way too scared. This time I really did! It was scary but fun!  My spanish is actually getting good! Who knew!! Just kidding.....I speak 100% spanglish!! haha But I'm proud! I always learn so much when we go on exchanges and since there is 3 of us now and we are the only sisters in the zone (even though they are over more sisters) they have 3 different exchanges planned so next exchange Sister Wilson and I are going to Coronado! I'm excited!!!

On Saturday we had to do splits because there was stuff in Chamisa and Star Heights at the same time so we had a member go with one of us and the other two go to a different area! Its crazy and feels weird not to be with your companion! Sister Wilson and I were able to get into a potentials home and see her! She is awesome and has all the pamlets we give out and and she has seen, Meet the Mormons, Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration but we just cant get in to have lessons. She has bad knees so its hard for her, but I'm praying we get to see her soon!!!

Also, on Saturday we helped some members peel green chili's!!! yay! I am now a New Mexican! hahah It was sooo fun! They told us we had to eat the first chili we peeled.  It was soooooo yummy! But Sister Wilson and Sister Brown thought it was too hot!! haha It is funny but my love for really hot foods has increased! 

Since I have been here I have had: Green Chilli Burgers, Pizza Enchiladas and Tacos!!! I love it soooo much I put it in my top roman! Its soooo good! Oh and there is this green chili dip! ahh and its only in NEW MEXICO! II will miss it when I leave!!! then all 3 of us want to be more healthy, and so we decided to do,..........NO SUGAR SEPTEMBER!!!! ahhh I'm scared but it will be soooo good! But that meant yesterday we went crazy! haha We had lots of sugar and it  was great! There is a recent convert Stacy who is amazing and wow, shes gone through soo much and everyone needs a testimony like Stacy! Before we had a lesson over at her house we had ice cream. Shes going to do no sugar September with us!!!

haha I love it here!!!! I love my mission and the growth that I am making! I have such a deeper love for the gospel and I feel the influence of the Holy Ghost everyday! Everyone needs to read the Book of Mormon. If you are a member or not read it!!! It is the best choice anyone could ever make! I am sooo grateful for my Savior who went through every pain and sorrow I have felt. Who died for me (Alma 7:11-12) because he loves me more than I will ever understand.! This is the true gospel of Jesus Christ and I am sooo grateful for it! May we in our everyday lives share it with all of our brothers and sisters!!!!

I love you family and pray for you always! Thank you for all you do!!!!!

Seester Markus 

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