Sunday, May 15, 2016

Letter #49

March 22nd

Oh man, yes i got to stay in this area! If i left, i think i would have died! That would have been the hardest thing to ever do!

We have been sooo blessed with having a ton of lesson! and its not like we have like 19 people we are teaching, but they are all just progressing so well that we see them a lot during the week! 
so we saw norbert, she is semi interested! soon to be really interested! ;) then we saw wheeler! he is someone who reads at mass and really involved with his church! but he said he would come to church and he did! ahh it was great! it is so cool to see the spirit just work through people! :)
Ben is doing good, we saw him next! They (Ben and nelline) are getting close to getting married and then ben will get baptized! i love them! and ben got sick (i cant remember if i told you this) but he got sick and so now he can't have alcohol YAY! that is the hardest thing for him! but he is taking these meds and if he drinks itll make him more sick then he is now!prayers are heard and answered! its good! then we got to see my boys! i love them :)

thursday we saw the boys again! they were supposed to go back down with their mom but they are staying here! we werent sure what was going on! but we hope they get to stay because, its hard for them at their moms and its just good for them to be up here! we had dinner and she made AMAZING lettus wrapps! mmmmm! so yummy!

Friday was crazy! all our lessons dropped! and we didnt get to see the boys! which was sad. their dad called and told us a little what happened but he said we could ocme by tomorrow for dinner and to see them!


that was crazy... a lot happened and changed.. but we were excited after a kionda harder day to see our boys.. but they were there... their dad sat us on the couch and told us everything that happened... i just cried. man. have my eyes opened to how much satan wants to jsut rip apart familes! i hate him! ugh ugh ugh! i honestly don't understand how i got so "lucky"... the day the boys get to be with their dad is going to be the best day ever! we were talking and how cool itll be to see them row up and serve missions! ahhh i love them!


BEST SUNDAY YET! in the taylor ranch ward there were two speakers who ahhh tahts how i want to be, i dont even know how to explain it! it was 100% by the spirit and they talked about the atonement! my favorite ever!!!  one man talked about how his 4 year old after all her life of having health problems had to have the thing done where a tube went her nose through  her throat into her stomach.... and she had to be awake! there was specialist there asking how she could helpy distract the daughter and he said i think if she can look into my eyes and i can look into hers itll be ok. and then they ask she they restrain her ands... AHHH oh my goodness, and he said no! and he said as it started he was laying by her and was about 6 inches from her face and she didnt flinch or scream nothing, tears filled her eyes but she just continued to look at her dad. and he talked about how our heavenly father is only 6 inches away from us! that he didnt want his daughter to go through that but it was need for her health, and we go through things in life that are hard and our heavenly father doesnt want us to, but knows it is to strengthen us and so he is constantly there saying "i want to be the one 6 inches from your face!" alma 7:11-12 <3
ahhh soooo good! i loooveed it!

then our WML introduced us to a mom and her daughter from a reservation in cottonwood heights ward and they were soo sweet! well they we went to gospel principals and the wml wasnt there, he was giving the daughter (19 maybe 20yrs) a blessing! so i just picked up a book and started teaching class and i was praying to have the spirit because i never loked at hte lesson before or nothing! but it was good, mid was through they wml and the daughter and mom walked in!  and the lesson was on jesus christ! and i was looking around the room and all the sudden i just locked eyes with they girl i had NEVER met before and i just look right at her and said, " youre heavenly father knows you personally and knows where you are in your life and how to help"
well as always when you do somthing like that the spirit promts you to do more! and i felt like i jsut needed to give her a hug, and iw as fine with that but i had enver met her before and i didnt want her to think i was crazy! but after the lesson (oh and a little during the lesson she was crying a bit) and i went up to her and i said i know i dont know you, but i feel like i just need to come and give you a hug! and i gave her the biggest tightest hug ever! and i said ifelt like i need to hug you and i know i dont know you, but youre heavenly father does and so really this is just a hug from him! and i thought to myself, hmm ok! haha i wasnt event thinking it was all just flowing out! haha and then she gave me anpther hug and thanked me. i told her the quotes by pres spencer w kimball i cant remember it word for word but something along the lines of heavenly father hears our prayers but ofton answers them though another mortal!

i soon found out she wasnt a member and is taking the lessons! how cool! im addictied to being an instramemnt in my heavenly fathers hands!

i love my mission and it is THE best thing i could have ever done in this life! 
I love you all! :)

Seester markus

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