Sunday, May 15, 2016

Letter #50

March 29th

So this week was pretty slow!

Wednesday I woke up not feeling good. I guess there is a cold going around and that wasn't fun. Also with all of our lessons we have been wanting to find those who are really elect and ready to act on the things we teach. And with it being Easter, not very many people were home, or didn't want to meet with us. But it will be good!
My boys are still gone with their mom, but we are hoping to see them Friday when they come up! I miss them! Their dad Brother Varela is getting ready to go to the temple! It is soo cool to see converts go to the temple because really that is such the goal for these people! Baptism is the first step, it opens the gate to the temple!

Oh my goodness and then we had the women’s conference! ahhh I am addicted to conference! Oh how I love it sooo much! And this one soo much too! You know, I haven't really thought what to do after the mission, but I have been able to watch meet the Mormons a little and there is the man from India who does humanitarian help! And then women’s conference! AH I WANT TO DO THAT! I want to go somewhere and just serve and love and help people to have a better life!!!!!
sooo bad! So maybe that is what I’m supposed to do :)

I would love that! So much!

Then on Sunday, in Taylor ranch ward there were these members who are way amazing, I mean they went to school for it at playing cello and harp! Ahhhh and they played savior redeemer of my soul!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh I LOOOVE that song!

And when he started playing the cello is just vibrated my soul! The spirit was soo strong! And then the primary kids sang that song you told me about mom! ahhh I cried, how beautiful! I love music! Then Sister Kelso and I played violin in cottonwood, it was the song gethsemane! ahhhhhhhhh and 3 of the primary girls sang, it was just GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

And so many ward members gave us Easter candy! Oh man!
But Sunday night......

I thought I was dying, I mean it was a nice thought to maybe go AS a servant of the lord, but oh my gosh, I have NEVER had ANYTHING like that before,

It was coming out both ends,
Cold sweats,
Sleeping on the bathroom floor,
Calling the mission president’s wife at 1:00 am

Oh man it was ruff... hahaha its funny now, but I was sure I was dying. There was one point I looked in the mirror and I just had cold sweats and I was dying and I was sooo pale I thought I was going to die!
Our bathroom is connected to the bedroom, so I was laying half in the bathroom half in the bedroom and I said
"Sister Kelso I think I’m going to pass out, I’ve never passed out,!"hahaha

Oh it was bad, and the worst part is, you just want your mom... but I’m doing better, my zone leaders gave me a blessing, and I’m doing better!

hahaha well sorry this letter is kind of lame, but I love you all!!!

Seeeester Markus!

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