Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mas Mas Mas Pictures

Paul is on the left and im by Andrew, they are in the NM mens recovery center! and i LOVE them! they are sooo humble so ready for the gospel! ahhh i cant even explain it... it was hard to say goodbye..

i had to take a picture of a picture, but this was kathleen's baptism when her brother got to baptize her!!!!

Doesn't she just radiate the spirit?!!!!

this is my Ashley! i am pretty confidant that i knew here before this!!! :) 
Ahhh sjlkdfjdsoigheojaklf I HATE GOODBYES!!!! she told me i could come visit her when she moves to mississippi! and that i could live with her, so if i dont make it home after the mission its because i went there! :) She reminds me  A TON of jen Keife! Maybe that is why i love her soo much! she always wants me to hold her little girl!! :)

this is ashley's number fellowship and everyone needs to be like sister ford! She is so lovingly bold with ashley! i think she played a huge part in ashley learning from us!

Bro ford works at the sandia labs, he cant talk about what he does! haha i LOVE this family, sister ford i could move in with her too! so really if i dont show up home, dont look in los lunas or mississippi! ;)

We were going to dinner and the rose garden was having a party for the new year!!!

Pictures of my Albuquerque 

A creepy spider we saw door knocking

Hot air balloons on the way to church

Little Ben! Navajo babies are the cutest things ive ever seen! Ahhhh

Ben and Nalines navajo Book of Mormon!  

Got my lobos hat on ready for the day

they light just half this picture soo cool!

at the boys house! everyone needs the gospel!

they are twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh double love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Lamanite Family

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  1. Hey there girlfriend. Sorry I haven't written, but I have been following you. You look fantastic and I know you are doing a great job! Can't believe it has been almost a year since you left. Keep up the good work. Love you always, Kari Draman