Sunday, May 15, 2016

Letter #51

April 5th

This week has been slow, a lot slower, it’s like we took one giant step forward, and Satan has tried to knock us 5 steps back, but Be is dumb anyways so..

Wed. We saw Ben and Ignacio! And we got them both on date for baptism so pray that they will make it!
They are progressing really well. A cool story with Ignacio is that we were going to stop teaching him, and we had a member over- brother Moses- and Ignacio has really BAD knees like if he sits for too long then it’s hard
for him to get up, he moves real slow, anyways we were in this lesson and brother Moses asks if he can give Ignacio a blessing, and it was a really cool blessing but after Ignacio was kind of like whatever, ugh!
Well the next time we came by (which was wed)
We went over and he said, sisters that guy that was over that put his hands on my head healed me! And he was jumping and sitting on a lazy boy and pulling his feet up! It was amazing! Ignacio was healed! Haha soooo cool!
We talked about the priesthood and then we got him on date! That was sooo cool! Ahhhh!

Thursday we had zone conference! That was good, but weird to think that was probably President Millers last one! Weird! But it was super good!

Friday I hit one year! What ONE YEAR!!!! That doesn’t even seem real! One year?
I don’t know, too weird!  But... that was a REALLY bad day... hahahahahaha
So I had my camera... and all my pictures I had taken since Feb 23... Got deleted. Yup gone. ...
I cried and cried and cried......and cried some more!
Then Ben started drinking again...lessons fell through...ugh!

But we had dinner at the Holley’s and I looove that family, they have the twins! And it made it a little better!
But she told me of a member who’s in the Taylor Ranch ward who is super smart and could fix my pictures!

Thank you Heavenly Father for smart people who can fix dumb peoples mistakes!
Kind of like us and the Savior 
Anyways this week will be better I demand it! They boys are coming back and they are just what I need! Haha
I love you all!
Conference was amazing!
And if you’re reading this and you aren’t a member....
Become one!

Love Sister Markus :)

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