Sunday, May 15, 2016

Letter #54

April 26th

So yet another crazy but exciting time here in Zion!

Tue. we went and had dinner at the Walkers, I love that family! Their son left on a mission one month after me and he is in Mexico. After dinner they showed us the Hill Cumorah pageant, they are in it and man it looks cool!  I'd love to go see it! They were telling us all the cool tricks on how they do different things!  Then we taught Drew and Renee, they are new! He is a less active member and she isn't and they are about to have a baby and they want to know what path to take. They are just the sweetest!  We are also seeing them tonight! :)

Wed... oh man... so we went on exchanges, but I went on exchanges, with my SLT who is... Sister Baker, aka the sister who trained me, which I thought would be fun and all this stuff. Nope, I think I have PTSD from the mission...... because well first, she still thought that I was the same Sister Markus from a year ago and she pointed out a lot of my flaws.... ugh, I was telling her I needed help with and she said oh yeah I remember in Rio Rancho you weren't very good at that...ugh! Then all day I felt like she was evaluating me from a year ago and I just remembered how hard everything was at the beginning, no fun! So I was super grateful to get Sister Kelso back!

Friday- we had district meeting and it was good. It is getting warm here, it is in the high 70's/ 80's! And you know IM TAN! Wow! Who knew that was possible! Also.... I'm in love with the heat! Like how hot it is now, I would be dying back home! So I love the heat and the cold is soo hard! hahaha we also had a lesson with Terella, she is so sweet! We tracked into her and she was crying telling us this is what  she needed! Well, when we taught her, her family is moving to Florida! Oh man... but that's ok, missionaries there will teach her!

Saturday- well I got the letter about our home! HOLY HANNAH! Wow! I was telling Sister Kelso I remember when you all took me to the MTC and Amanda told me to look at the house one last time because I'd never see it again (because she wanted to moved) haah but now I will never really see it again! hahaha it seems weird! You'll have to take lots of pictures!
I told our investigator Carl about that and so he just assumed I was going home to see the house and when I told him I wasn't he about fell over! hahaha 
Also, we had dinner at Nelline and Bens,, and we had Navajo burgers... I think I have gone to heaven! Oh man, so not good for you, but they are AMAZING!!!!! :)

Then yesterday we found out with my boys that we haven't seen in a month that the older two can stay with their dad and another hearing is coming and anyways its good! Good things to come!!! YAY!!! And we will for sure get to see them this week! Oh man I am soooooo excited! I love them and I'm missing them even more! :)

Prayer is soooo real! I loved that talk mom you sent me about prayer by that lady, anymore talks by her? I loved it!!!

This week is also transfers! ahh who knows what will happen! I think I will stay!

Well, I love you all! Thanks for everything!!!

Hermana Marquez :)

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