Sunday, May 15, 2016

Letter #53

April 19th

Man, has it really been one year? That just doesn't seem real! 

This week we have seen some progress. Its like we were doing so well and then, bam. But its good because its teaching me lots of things! Ben is doing better, after his 2nd, yes 2nd trip to the ER things are getting better! I do believe in prayers and know that Heavenly Father is constantly looking out for each one of his kids knowing what they need and when they need it!

Its cool because one of the wards is having a hard time, the members are not really into missionary work, and so we have been praying and fasting that ward trust will get better! So we made cookies and ended up taking them to the Bishop and his councilors, that was fun, we had an extra set of cookies so we took them to our Ward Mission Leader's wife, she was just outside and we told her how we aren't teaching very many people in that ward and losing some investigators, and I guess her neighbor had been on her mind and so she took us over and we are now teaching them, so we will see how it goes :)

On Friday we had a lesson with Ignacio, haha that guy, but we had it at the church, and  after there was a husband and wife and their one year old girl who was in a car. and they came up to our member and us and asked if we could help them. They needed a place to stay or money for gas because they were going to AZ to help his mom. Honestly my first thought  was ... hmmmm..... I don't know about this..

But our member offered them to stay at her house (where she has 5 kids) man the spirit hit me! Would I do that? Then long story short she bought them a hotel for the night! It reminds me of the scripture Matt 25:35 

May this week we all show that Christ like love to EVERYONE! Not just people we know! But the ones we haven't met, the ones that are a stranger!

I love you all!

Sister Markus

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