Sunday, May 15, 2016

Letter #56

May 10th

This letter will probably be shorter, but good!

This week has been hard! And i mean HARD. Sister Toomey was sick, so we couldn't go out and work much, so I had plenty of time so dwell on how unhappy I was. But slowly it was getting better.

Sunday was good, getting to talk with you all. It is amazing how that really just re-pumps me up and gets me excited to keep pushing and keep serving! 
Also in church they gave all the women flowers and they gave us a flower! Then, I think this was the cherry on top of EVERYTHING, we went to stop by and see Brother Varela (the boys dad)
and when I first met him he said "Sister Markus, who's your favorite band? I said, The Beatles!" 
haha he loves the Beatles too! Well we went to stop by Sunday night just to say hi and he said oh! Sister Markus I have something for you!

AHHH!!!! An original meet the Beatles record! ahhh!! ahhh! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! hahah
which I thought was so funny after Milly showed my the video of the Beatles! Maybe that was Heavenly Father telling me to listen to Let it Be (which i did ;)

so Sunday was perfect!!! :)

I also went and talked with the counselor guy today, at 9:00. and it was soooo good! SO good! He was sooo nice and so helpfull and something he kept telling me was "Sister Markus I just want to listen to you, I want to help you and just listen to you!"

Ahh and it hit me, honestly I think that is what I needed. I don't have my momma here to listen to me and to love and help me and THAT is what I needed! And so he listened! And HELPED!! 

I already feel so much better, and he understands how I feel about President Miller and you know! ahhh that is what I needed!

I cant thank everyone enough for all of the love and support! THANK YOU!

I love you, and I know I need to quit being too crazy and stressed about being perfect, maybe this week, we will go get a shake at Sonic! hahaha ;)

But seriously, I love you! I'm beyond blessed to have you as my family! And that I have you forever!

Love Sister Markus :)

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