Sunday, August 21, 2016

Letter #69

August 16th

Seriously this week just flew by!  And it scares me. There is a new family that moved into one of the wards and the husband was asking how long we had been out, and sister Johnson said 1 year and he was like oh man youre almost going home and then he looks at me and said what about you?
I debated if i should say  2 months. :) haha but sadly i told him 16....😰
honestly it doesn't seem real! I know for fact that it is not going to seem real till im off the plane and i see all of you. So weird.
we had a lesson with Ignacio, man i just don't know with him. One lesson he is progressing and the next he isn't. But i know that we need to keep working with him. :)
Thursday was exchanges and yet again learned more patience! haha and we did serve with Lucille! she is the one who thinks my name is sister Marquez! she is the sweetest lady. but very old! haha
we were doing yard work and i knew from the beginning to not ask her for water. So i went inside to get the keys to the car to get water and she says oh! i have water....oh no...
she hands me a water bottel (the elders went over before us one time and said she reuses water botters but doesnt clean them, thes bad)
well she hands me a water from the fridge and i am dying of heat! and it was a brand new one and i thought yes! then she hands one to the other sister... and it was half  used with lip stick all over it! hahaha i felt sooo bad! its was gross! :)
Friday and saturday we got to see the boys and i love them. (just incase you didnt know) they are doing good. but man it is crazy to see little changes in them when they come back. It is such a testimony at how important it is to teach youth and primary kids the gospel! and how needs it is to be consistant in their lives!
this week is looking good! i love you all!!!
remember the love our Savior and our Father in Heaven has for us is constant and Eternal!
😘 Sister Marquez 

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