Sunday, August 21, 2016

Letter #66

July 26th

This whole week I just was freaking out about leaving. I have been here now for 6 months and only two transfers left, there was a good chance for me to leave. But something that is so cool about this area is I know that I am here for not only the boys but other people too, and members!

On Wednesday:

We got a new investigator named Tom from Taylor Ranch which is super exciting because we haven't had a ton of luck with Taylor Ranch! So we were super excited and he seems really interested! :)
MY BOYS!!!! Oh man it was like seeing family! Like ahhhhh!!!! I love those boys sooo much! And I was more than excited to see them! Its great when I first got there we were just talking and laughing and ahhhh I just sooo missed that! But something super sad is there has been SUCH a change in those 3 boys...It breaks my heart. And it opened my eyes to see how much Adrian has changed. He understands and gets the gospel more than I think he realizes! Just the way he acts and just the spirit he has with him.  Those other boys, being with their mom for 2 months... its sad..... they swear more (which they never used to) and just the way they act! It's a huge testimony builder that KIDS NEED TO GROW UP IN THE GOSPEL!!!!!!!!

The next day we saw Ignacio our new investigator, Karen, and the whole time I was just freaking out because I feel like a huge part of why I am here, is the boys and Adrian! I just feel like I'm not done helping them yet. Well, Saturday came and Adrian's mom was making him come back with all the boys on Sunday... and he was so upset, they have a hearing tomorrow, but for right now he is there with his mom and it just breaks my heart... its so bad! But I thought well, this might be the last time I see them... so we took a ton of pictures. And I just felt peace that everything was going to be ok. 

I GET TO STAY ANOTHER TRANSFER! ahhh how crazy is that!? 5 transfers, 7 months! woot! I love it! It is home here and it would have been too hard to leave the boys like that! 

I am super excited and I know good things will come of this transfer!

love you all!!

sister markus

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