Sunday, August 21, 2016

Letter #68

August 9th

This week not too much happened, it was a pretty slow week. We had Karen drop us ): The boys are still gone, and Donna is still struggling with the loss of her husband. 

In our Zone training we had on Friday they asked us what the hardest thing we ever had done was. 
Instantly my mind was flooded with things. Losing weight, anxiety, the mission. But Friday was also the day of Brother Kingston's funeral. Donna has been taught by missionaries for a long time now! And she has almost been baptized a couple of times. I am honestly not 100% what is holding her back. But she has been a lot more open to it!

Well we have had some lessons with her and talked about how we are here to support her and help her along the way to baptism. Well after we would have dinner or a lesson Brother Kingston would just look at us with the biggest smile and say, you know, sometimes I just don't think it'll happen in this life. 

After He passed Donna really wanted to know how to seal her son Matthew to him. And so on Friday we went to the viewing and funeral service. We walked in the room and it was such a feeling of mixed emotions of peace and sorrow. Donna's back was to me and she was talking with someone and as she turned around and looked at me and at that moment, that was the hardest thing I have ever done. I will never be able to express the unspoken words as she looked at me and fell on me! As I hugged her all I could do was hug her tighter! 

She showed so much strength as she came to church the following Sunday  AND SHE BORE HER TESTIMONY!!! We walked up to her after and I Ttld her "Donna you're a rock!" and you know what she said, "No I am not a rock, I am weak, but my Savior is my rock and that is why I can stand."

Do we have that kind of attitude in the mist of trials and dispair? 

I can not stress enough the importance of the gospel, of the peace that comes and even more important of temple marriages! The Lord KNOWS what will make us happy and bring us peace and the temple is 100% a key to peace!

I would invite you all to go to the temple more, and really count your blessings that pour from Heaven!

I love you all! Please keep Donna and Matthew in your prayers!

Hermana Markus

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