Sunday, August 21, 2016

Letter #67

August 2nd

Man this week is, probably the craziest yet! 

So last week all the boys came down and it was amazing! I love when all 4 of them are here! But they were going to have to go back with their mom on Sunday and the other boys told Adrian that he was going to have to come back too! Well he wrote a letter to the judge saying he did NOT want to go back and man, Bro. Varela let me read it and oh my goodness! My heart breaks for that boy!
Well Brother Varela said he felt really confident that all would work out! So Tuesday was the day of the hearing if Adrian was going back with the mom or Brother Varela...

Words can not express how broken my heart was when brother Varela called saying the judge said Adrian had to go back to live with his mom... UGH!! Brother Varela has been really struggling because Adrian had been living with him for 2 months and then to have him ripped away...ugh!

Please keep him in your prayers.

Also more sad new... There is a part member family that I think I have told you about. Her name is Donna Kingston and she is pretty much a member, she comes to church every week, has a calling. She is awesome. Her husband is a member and they have a 9 year old son who is also baptized. We have worked with her a lot and so have past missionaries, for years. 

But it was hard because after we had dinner with them or a lesson as we were leaving Brother Kingston would tell us, "you know, i just don't think its going to happen in this life."
And I never understood why he would say that but, on Friday he passed away!  Oh my goodness....
It was soo hard! One of the first things she was calling and asking members about was how she could get Matthew (their son) sealed to the dad... and it's just crazy that Brother Kingston kept saying "not in this life.." ahhh all I know is that Heavenly Father Works in crazy ways!

Keep them in your prayers!

But cool tender mercy story!

So it was the end of the month and we had no more miles to drive! So we had to walk. We walked to our apartment all the way to the stake center, which is 5 miles!! woo!

So we were walking and it was going good, but then once we had about 2 1/2 ish miles left I was dying! It was blazing hot, and there are a lot of hills! This really nice guy pulled over in a truck and asked if we needed a ride...I wanted so badly to say yes! But we kept walking. Well we pass a circle K and I thought ahhh .89 cent drinks! Yes! But then we didn't have our wallets...ahhh! So we stopped and took a short brake and kept walking. Right before we were about to cross the street the spirit says "Sister Markus, you have a $20 in your bag, remember!"

Ahhh yes! I remember Grandma Markus sent me $20 and I haven't used it! So we hurry and start walking over to circle K where we see Brother Garcia (Lexie's dad!!) and he said, I was driving up the road and I saw you walking and then I saw Sister Markus leaning up against the wall and I thought, "OH NO.... SISTER MARKUS DOWN!!!"  So he went to Smiths and got us water, Gatorade and ICE CREAM! oh man how awesome! It was soooo nice! He felt bad he couldn't give us a ride, but then just has we were leaving other members pulled into the parking lot and asked if we wanted a ride! MAN!

Unless you know what it is like to have no miles and to be walking 4 miles when its 100 degrees out side, you will never know how big of a tender mercy that is! Heavenly Father is soo aware of his missionaries! haha

So its been a crazy week but good!  I have seen Heavenly Father in this work so much and how much he truly carries us through our trials!

I love you all!!

Hermana Marquez  (everyone here thinks my name is Sister Marquez)

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