Sunday, August 21, 2016

Letter #65

July 19th 

This week really strengthened my testimony of fasting! 

Wednesday we saw Aurora, and she struggles with the Book of Mormon, and missionaries have been teaching her for a while. But they are a family who I just know would benefit from the gospel. That is something I love as a missionary, is that even if these people don't get baptized, I ALWAYS learn something, even if they don't want to accept something my testimony builds. Something I have REALLY learned while I have been in this area is the importance of raising a family in this gospel! And there is no other way! The world is too hard and there is too much sorrow that comes with not having it! And so that is something I love! I LOVE THIS GOSPEL...yes I've become that missionary, oh well! :)

Thursday we went on exchanges and I learned patience......

Friday poor Sister Johnson was soooo sick.. and I mean dying. And I have found I am cursed and that Sister Johnson is full of love and puts up with me, because poor her, she would tell me whats wrong and how she doesn't feel good, and I would just laugh. She is so funny and that's all we did Friday, was laugh! :D She's doing better :)

Saturday we saw Adrian and I swear I love that family more and more every day! One time we were talking to Adrian and he was telling me about people at the skate park and i just turned  into his older sister and I just am like " you better make the right choices, don't be dumb, don't smoke that, don't say that, don't watch that, hahaha and he said "why do you care so much?" and I said, well I am sorry, I just love you too much and then he laughed and said "love me a little less" hahaha We just laughed! But he's soo good! He knows whats right and he's doing good, he's a 14 year old boy :)

Sunday we had a ward council fast for the boys that things would work out and that Bro Varela would get the boys and things would be good, and in my fasting I also said, (I haven't seen them for two months) and I said Heavenly Father, even if they don't get to get baptized now, I just want to see them. I love them and at this point I just need to see all my boys! Well, we found out that Bro Varela had a court hearing on Monday! AHHH we were freaking out, and we called in around 2:00 and you know what he said... "Sisters, I'm on my way right now to Reserve to get the boys! Can we see you tomorrow?!"  AHHHHHHHHHHH I cried, and cried and cried some more! They are my family and I just miss them soo much.. I think I might miss them a little bit more then home right now! haha sorry, but WE GET TO SEE THEM TONIGHT! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH what a tender mercy! Because you know I would love for nothing more than to see them all get baptized, but I think Heavenly Father has a different time table than that. And I KNOW that everything works out PERFECTLY when God is in charge!

I love you all! Transfer news is this Saturday and then they changed it so next week will be a Monday P-day! :) love you love you love you!

Sister Markus

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