Sunday, August 21, 2016

Picture Update

ok so this story is cool, its long so im ganna just be short

So remember how Elder Ah Loy gave me that blessing and said that there was someone I was going to help with my anxiety? Well, months and months later I found her! LEXI! It's one of the members in our ward, their daughters name is Lexi and she left on a mission and struggled really bad and I have been able to really help them.The mom told me she knew I was here for them and Lexi! ahhh so cool, but Lexi just came home from her mission): so we made her this!

This is all of us in one picture perfectly! Ray constantly loving on my, Emilio just sweet and then there is Brother Varela running off to answer his phone or do something, Victor is "too cool" to be in the picture and Adrian just being tired and me trying to love them and talk to them :) hahaha

me and my little brother adrian :)

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