Thursday, September 29, 2016

Letter #75

September 27th

this week has been interesting, we are getting to know the area better, and there are a  lot of interesting people over here. haha

Something that we are struggling with is that when we first meet people they seem interested and want us to come back and then we do and they just need someone to take to and dont actually want to learn. 

but its going good. friday we had a zone training and it was sooo good! president was there and i asked him if bro varela could take us to lunch and he said yes! so i have been trying to get a hold of him to see if that would work! man, i saw some boys riding their bikes like Adrian and i lost it, i was doing sooo good, and then i just missed them so much more than i realized! 

but i am making the east side home! we are trying to work with people, they are all still a little confused why the elders are gone, but they just need to know the sisters are here and we are here to kick it! hahah :)

Women's conference was just amazing! I love conference and i loooved all the speakers! its was amazing! annd i loved President Uchtdorfs talk! he did amazing! 

Sunday was good and busy, are church is at 1:00 so its takes up most our day,

Then monday... WE GOT TO GO TO THEM TEMPLE!!!!

I received the most amazing revelation that has REALLY helped me to know that Heavenly Father is so proud of me, It was such a special celestial moment! 

I KNOW our Savior love us, our Father in Heaven KNOWS what will make us happy, how we can help his kids and in turn help us!!

I LOVE JESUS CHRIST, MY SAVIOR AND REDEEMER!!! I hope you can feel of that love, and let that love in you for them grow!

Love sister Markus 

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