Thursday, September 29, 2016

Letter #74

September 20th

So super cool things have happened. Sister Wade and I have been doing our best to find new people to teach.

Well we met this guy named Justin last week, and he wasn't interested...a few days later we saw him again and he was like yeah this is weird and we told him if we see him another time he has to meet with us and he aid ok so we were like ok see you tomorrow and...we didn't see him, but a few days latter we saw him and he was like ok this is weird. you re stocking me and he walked off. hhaha and these were all in different places of our area!

well we see him another time and we said hey you didn't keep your promise you have to meet with us and he laughed and said ok, we told him that this was God telling him he needs this and that he knows him and knows this will help! we talked about how this is bring him a lot of happiness and he said you know i could use that! so we are hoping to see him soon! :D

Also we met this lady who the night before we met her was looking up the stop smoking program the missionaries have and she didn't want to bother trying to sign up to have missionaries come, and the next day we came! haha how cool! and now she is doing the program and loves it and i bet we will start teaching her soon!

so things are slowly working up here!! 

I love it and love seeing God work His mighty miracles here! 

Sister Markus

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