Thursday, September 29, 2016

Letter #72

September 7th

Man....oh man... 

and that was just the most celestial baptism ever! The spirit was so strong and 
the room was filled! standing room only! I can't wait till next year when she can get sealed! 

honestly the rest of the week was stress! i was so nervous for transfer news and the boys weren't up this week and so if i did leave i would say bye and i was so nervous!

we got transfer news and....i got transferred.... UGH!!!!

you know maybe this makes me a bad missionary that my first thoughts were no! no no no! i DON'T want to leave. I DON"T want to go to a new area for only 6 weeks.... and to make it all better we are pink washing (meaning there used to be elders here.....)

And you better believe that yup they left terrible notes, the house is super run down and gross and messy.... and we are just 100% in the dark and know nothing about the area.

I saw one of the elders that had served in that area and i asked him what would be good to know about the area, and you know what he said?
"that it sucked!"


And I didn't say goodbye to the boys, and leaving the west side was honestly harder than leaving home, all of you...words can not describe the sorrow and anguish of leaving them...i miss them so much and want to go back home...): (to the west side..)

But i am hoping and praying that things turn around here and are good...
i need to keep telling myself there is something here i need to learn or i can help with...but its hard!

I love you all! 

Sister Markus

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