Thursday, September 29, 2016

Letter #73

September 13th

I don't know if this week was fast or slow. Things are slowly getting better. I think the hardest park is just feeling in the dark not really knowing the area and trying to find people to teach.

Wednesday was trying by people, trying by people and trying by some more people. We are trying a lot of former's and potentials and we didn't see a lot of success.


Tried by people and tried by people. we were out knocking for 3 hours and I got sooo burned, and for that whole 3 hours only 5 people answered their doors! Oh man, but we went to a R.S. activity and got to meet some people. Its going good. :)


District meeting and then tried by people tried by people and knocked some doors. The Elders were only teaching a couple people when we got here! haha

We tried by some people, met someone the elders were teaching and she is super sweet and took us out to dinner! That was fun! Still trying to find and figure out the area!


Church my most favorite thing. They did a sacrament meeting where people got to come up and talk about their favorite hymn and then we sang a verse! It was cool! Then after church we were able to meet another investigator!


We planed our week out and got to have a lesson with an investigator!

So things are good, going slow but we will get it!

Love you all!

Sister Markus

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