Sunday, March 20, 2016

Letter #48

March 15th

This was a week of truly seeing God's hand not only in this work, but in each of these peoples lives, including mine!

Tuesday- There is a Part member family we are working with, the dad is active and so is the son and the wife is not a member, her name is Donna. The whole time i have been in this area (5ish weeks) we haven't had a lesson with her! But it is cool because i KNOW she is ready to be baptized. She has been taking the lessons for 2 years and her hold up is fear. Well, we had dinner over at their house and I was so nervous because i was thinking here am, i don't even know her and we are going to invite her to baptism after this and i don't know her...... who am i to do that! But during that lesson she was telling us how we don't know her or her feelings and don't know how to help! This was probably one of the coolest moments on my mission, because the spirit filled the room undeniably, i have never felt it so strong. My chest was burning and i knew, i KNEW God knew her, knew where she was in her life and how she was feeling! We invited her to baptism and she said yes to the 26th of March! Please keep her in your prayers!

Thursday- we went on exchanges, and Sister Kelso was supposed to go to Rio Rancho but they Hermanas called and said i was going to go! It was good, i learned so much as to how i can better myself as a missionary! It was cool because i was with Hermana Saunders and i came out with her! Crazy to think...... who knew that one year later from meeting we would be on exchanges!

Friday- Ah I love Fridays! We have District meeting and all the missionaries get together and ahh! Our District leader is so inspired by the spirit! Then after that we went to go see my boys! AKA the Verela boys! Adrian, Victor, Emillio, and Ray. I love them! I mean ok, this is the hardest part about my mission i have found. You serve and love these people so much that in the end you realize you have just willingly given them your heart. With all the investigators here it is like that! When i think of them all my heart races and I think, how can i help them, what do they need, why can't i just give them my testimony so the hurt and sorrow they are going through will be better!  
It is so hard to see them struggle. We also saw Ben and Nalline. They are having such a hard time! They get so close and Satan just knocks them down! UGH I love them!

Saturday- we had 5 lessons! ahhh sooo good! and we got to see Ben and my boys again! I love them! We have been nice and busy! I love it!

Sunday- We were able to see Ben again and we had 9 hours of church! haha I love it! I love how this mission is changing me. I remember a primary song that at Kathleen's baptism her little great niece sang and it says; 

"I will follow the Lord and do all things in His name. I'll prepare every needful thing. I will walk in righteous ways. When the rain startsto fall on me, I'll be ready for that day."

I LOVE this work, I know it is not only helping others prepare for the day and coming of Jesus Christ and in turn it is preparing me!
We find out transfers now on Saturday, I love this are and I hope I get to stay in both wards!

Thank you for all you do! I love you all!

Sister Markus

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