Sunday, March 20, 2016

Letter #45

February 23rd

Man it is soo weird to think that I am 20! I'm not sure I know how to!

This week as been a growing week. I have learned a lot and learned how I can better myself as a servant of our Heavenly Father. I am soo grateful for inspired leaders! I have amazing Stl's and ZL's and DL! 

I am falling in love with the mission. And honestly I don't want to come home,,,sorry!
The past few nights I have had dreams where I am home from my mission and I just cry! It breaks my heart to think about it. I feel like I have just given my heart to these people and I feel the love that Christ feels for them and how could I possibly leave them?
You know I have thought about it, and I know that that is one of the big reasons why I served state side! It is because Heavenly Father knew I was going to fall into too deep of love with these people, that I had to be able to see them often!

The area is slowly progressing, we are teaching a man named Ignacio and he is soooo sweet! He is in his 70's and oh he's the best! He doesn't have the best hearing so you kinda have to yell at him! But it makes for being bold even more intense! haha he has a fear of water, so that is hard, but hopefully there will be a baptism soon so he can see it!

Also Ben and Nelly.... so its sorta a part member family, they have a son together but they aren't married and live together, both native! But Ben has some really hard trials and drinks a lot! And with in the last little bit its been hard for him, we have  had some good lessons and its cool to see how the spirit can touch people no matter what, but that it doesn't have as much of an effect on those who aren't in tune with the spirit!

We have a family who is worried to read the Book of Mormon because they love their bible and Catholic faith! 

Each day Heavenly Father makes me more glad I was born in the gospel in a loving family! I love you family and all you do thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you all,

Sister Markus

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