Sunday, March 20, 2016

Letter #42

February 2nd

So it was a 7 week transfer, and they are now on monday and not tuesday!

i got transfered.....they put elders in los lunas and my heart breaks! it was truely a sacred place! the things that happened their! i didnt know it was possible to love people so much like that!!

rio rancho has part of my heart for sure....but Los lunas has more! The things i learned and the people i met, it is amazing to think how the lord, out of anywhere he could have sent me in the whole world, knew to send me to NM, first to Rio Rancho then to Los Lunas! ahhh he is truly a loving heavenly father and as much as he wants his children here in nm to progress, he still cares about our progression and knows what we need!

I am forever changed because of Los Lunas!

I am now serving in the Taylor Ranch and Cottonwood Heights wards! And to make it even better, i am in a trio back with Sister Kelso and now sister Michas, yup! Sister Markus and Sister Michas! hahaha :)

This area is VERY differnet from Los Lunas. i feel liek culture shock! Its very very nice! But still an amazing part of the Lrods vinnyard!

i am excited to see what will come! I feel like i declined as a missionary, but i will come back up and be the missionary the Lord needs!

there is a POWERFUL talk by Elder Holland and its called the first great commandment! you all need to read it!!!! :)

Well i love you all!! 

Sister Markus

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