Sunday, March 20, 2016

Letter #47

March 8th

This week has been fast, yet slow, if that's even possible...

so on wednesday;
We taught this guy named wheeler! He's catholic and its hard. because honestly that is what everything comes down to, because if the catholic church is right then that means the protestants and the lutherans and all other churches are wrong, because they are just brake offs from catholicism. and if the mormon church is right, then they are all wrong. So we are making small but GOOD progress with him!

we had zone training and oh how i love zone training! They spirit is sooo strong and i just want to go out and help everyone! we talked about about true conversion! and how its so important! and i feel like im no where near perfect conversion, but since i left home, im a lot closer! i love this gospel. i wish so much that i was good with my words but how i feel about this gospel just truly as alma says to sing the song of redeeming love! (alma 5:26) As a missionary my purpose is to help others come unto christ, but in turn while i am helping others, i find myself each day coming closer!

Saturday was great!
We talked about how we need more member referrals! and then on sunday we got a call from a member in the north stake and this is the conversation;

"hello sister markus michas and kelso!"
" friend wants to take the missionary discussions....."


And so we met her on saturday. ok here is a short run down of the morning.
10:20 we have a lesson with michelle who has two kids which one of them is 9
10:45 invite her to baptism
10:46 she says yes
10:47 we put her on date to be baptized the 26Th
10:50 invite her to see a baptism happening in the RS room
11:00 sees baptism
12:00 sets up another appointment for monday!

HOLY HANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i know 100% it is because we have been doing our best to be obedient and consecrated!

she is sooo very sweet! we also had 3 other lessons that week! in total for the whole week we had 13 MP!
that is sooo good. when i first came here it was about 5 ish! so the work is growing!

Sunday is the best!

It was fast and testimony meeting! in the 2nd ward we were in we were pretty sad because no investigators came to church... then this cute little boy gets up and is giving his testimony and says
"everybody comes to church!..... well not everybody"
and we just had to laugh since non of our investigators came! hahah

Then this cute native lady got up and not sure what she was saying, because one minute it was english the next it was navajo! hahaha and she talked about her husband being catholic! haha

and that's when she said 
"He's a lifelong catholic. And i tell him honey bun honey bun come to church....but he just reads his catholic bible!"

Then monday we had FHE at the Bitsoies! And i love them! they are our WML and ahh they are great!  we had an investigator over and they made fry bread! ahhh sooooo good! they gave us navajo names! mine is  ii ' aa ' ii  which you say like E ah E! haha it means talks a lot ;)

The work is going good! i love it! oh also we got to go to the temple! AHH i will forever love the temple! i got to sit in the brides room for a little! :) i got to see sister baker and good friends!

WEll i love you all thank you for everything!

Love Sister Markus

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