Sunday, July 12, 2015

Letter #9

Are you ready to hear about this week? Are you sitting down because its crazy! So on wed. it was exchanges! Our new STL's (Sister training leaders) are the Hermanas! So I went with Sister Nelson to go to her area! So all the lessons we had...or she had were in SPANISH! The night before she wrote down something in Spanish I could say so I practiced them. I thought I was doing so good! Then we went to our first lesson....I know with 1000% surety why the Lord sent me on an English speaking mission! HOLY wow....yup I had no clue what they were saying! But the coolest part was, I knew she was teaching the Plan Of Salvation, and wow...its like you could take hand fulls of the Spirit in the room! WOW it was soooo strong! And whats even more crazy is I had no idea who the families were and how to even talk to them, but I could totally feel part of Gods love for them! That's one of my favorite things as a missionary, God let's you feel part of his love for his children! I learned so much on exchanges. Sometimes I think that at all times the Lord is supposed to tell me what to say, but Hermana Nelson said, you know sometimes the Lord doesn't tell you because he knows that the people aren't ready or willing to listen and there isn't anything you could say that could change their mind, or God wants you to grow so he lets you do it! That really helped! 

Thursday was Zone conference! That was fun! We had a couple different zones all together and President Miller was there and we just learned a bunch of things! We had a guy from Salt Lake come down, he put these new things in our cars to make sure we are driving safe, but the guy is a convert to the church right? OK, well President asked if  a missionary could bring a recent convert and an investigator to him that he could ask questions to. So these sisters in my zone brought their investigator! PRESIDENT MILLER ASKED HIM QUESTIONS IN FRONT OF EVERYONE! Wow that would be scary, but he just asked like how he met them, and stuff, anyways he kept saying that he was trying to be a hard case, that he's reading the Book of Mormon and praying but not sure about Joseph Smith. Well you could tell his heart was hard and he was trying to be funny and not really listening, but soon missionaries asked him questions. Wow I don't think I have felt the spirit SO strong before, man people were testifying left and right, then one of the sisters teaching him asked why he kept meeting with them and then he said "well let me ask you this, why do you keep coming over and teaching me?"  and man, that sister just gave her testimony and said along the lines OH SO BOLDLY " Because I KNOW that this is true, and I know that it can help you  in your life and so does God! And if you're going to be a hard case--fine, if its going to take you awhile to understand it FINE! But I'm not giving up on you!"   ....... WOW... wow...wowow its was great!!!!! Aahhh then that one guy from Salt Lake shared his testimony! It was amazing!!!!

Friday was good, I can't remember if I told you, but we learned this new way of teaching with the pamphlets! They want us to teach it in 7 min. simply and then answer questions! It's super powerful! Anyways, we were knocking on doors and no one was answering, then we get to this house and the lady comes to the door and says, Oh hold on! So right now this is either good...or bad! She comes back and invites us in and she asks if we want a drink and says "I know who you are..well I don't know who you are, but I know who you are!" haha then we sat down, she told us she used to be catholic, but now she is just christian. She believes that God, Christ and the Holy Ghost are three separate beings and she believes a lot of the same as us! So we taught her the Restoration like we learned and the only thing she had a question about was baptism! WHAT?!?! We are hoping to see here again soon! But that was soooo amazing, since we have had such bad luck with knocking on doors! I'm serious, it's like God is saying, see I told you, you just had to work a little harder and now look! ahhh what a great Heavenly Father we have!!!!:) 
Then we went contacting again and we found this one lady who told us she believes.....that there were other beings from a different planet who came to earth and put their DNA in monkeys and then that is how we got here. But of course we were awkward and didn't know what to do so someone from this other planet had to come down and help us out and that was Christ. Then she began to tell us about a military base here in NM where in the middle of the base is this alien base! Their planet is dying and they need to find a new one, but not earth. they are called tall white ones, they live for 700 years and wear wrist bands that help them communicate.... Welcome to New Mexico! hahahah oh boy... alright! 

But we did get two new investigators this week and I have sooo seen the Lord bless me a TON this week! So that is good! I miss and love you all oh so very much!!!!!!!

With love, from me to you,

Sister Markus 

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