Sunday, July 12, 2015

Letter #12

So this week was actually a really good one! we were able to meet with a lot of less active families and i really just love them all so much! :) The Horner family, the wife is less active and the husband goes to church. But she doesn't really let people come over but we have gone over there once a week for the last 4 weeks and the last time we did service for them! It was great! They weren't going to let us, but when Sister Horner was in a different room, Brother Horner (who uses a cane and is just a slow walker) was sitting at the table with us. Sister Baker and i looked at each other and we ran out to the back yard and started pulling weeds! haha It was so great! It started to rain a little so that made it even more fun!  The next day we were walking and it was CRAZY hot! People have told us in July and August that there are random crazy rain storms! There will be dark clouds and crazy loud thunder and lightning, but no rain! So were were walking and we kept saying that maybe people were just lying to us because we are new! Then BOOM! There was a down pour and thunder and lightning one right after another and it was scarey, but I LOVE IT! There were seriously like rivers in the road! haha  It was amazing!!!

We have been doing a ton of service for people this week which is good, but they have us pull weeds which is fine, but again its a million degrees outside! hahaha! But I LOVE doing service stuff, its fun! 

So Saturday, it was the CRAZIEST day of the week!  We woke up and were able to do service for a less active member who I had never met. She used to be a do not contact but then the Hermanas tracted into her and that's how we were able to go over and do service, hopefully we will go back! 

Then our ward had a bbq! That was weird because it felt like home in a good way, just how our ward has our morning thing. It was fun to have one here! Then Dennis came and he's an investigator who we have been having sort of a hard time with, but hopefully it will start getting better! Then we had dinner at a less actives home which was good! Then we went contacting!

We were able to talk with a lot of people which was good! Then we went to a members house and we were able to watch some fireworks for a little bit! Then our District leader called us for transfer news and oh wait i forgot, so on friday,'

Friday Brother Lockard called us to come over (our ward mission leader, WML) and so we went over and he told us... HES GETTING RELEASED! ahhh That was crazy because he's been so awesome and so helpful and just like a home away from home! I just love him and I know that the Lord will bless him and his family for everything they have done for the missionaries!

Then a lady in the ward gave us food for dinner on Sunday because she was going out of town  and it was enough for 3 meals! hahah  She gave us ice cream and it was a ton of food! People feed us too goood here!

Ok so transfer our district leader calls us and I was so nervous!  I knew one of us was going to leave! I could just feel it! So we got a new sister last transfer, she's been out for 6 weeks and she is going to be training! Crazy right! Wow I could not have done that! hahaha but then......

SISTER BAKER IS BEING TRANSFERRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It seems sooooooo weird! Now I have to tell and teach my new companion all about Star Heights (my ward) and the new WML who just moved here a month ago about the area and people! But when I heard she was leaving I just felt this confirmation that this is a chance for me to really grow. If I would have been transferred I wouldn't be able to grow like i will be able to now and the Lord knows I can do it! I am excited but.... i know that i have had my hard times with Sister Baker, but I love her so much! She is like family! She has taught me so much and I just love her! It is going to be hard to see her leave...

but this means i will go to transfer meeting on Tuesday, and get my new companion, but I will get to see  Elder Yates and hear him say goodbye before he leaves for home! So that will be  fun!!! I'm exited for that! !!! its been a good week and its going to be crazy for this next week! 


With Love from me to you,
Sister Markus :)

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