Sunday, June 14, 2015

Picture Update

2 Month-aversary

Sister Markus and Sister Baker

Zone family! 

A car Kaylee saw on the way to church

They got a car! No more bike riding during hail storms! 

"So there is this cute family named the Molinas! the dad got really sick and now is only a 100 lbs. the mom has to work and has 3 boys under age of 4! but they are the most humble family ever! so we went and did service for them!  we went and saw them one night when we were having a really bad day and in a bad mood, long story short, when you're having a bad time go visit someone who's have a worse time! i love them!!!"

"My zone family...); Elder Sheldon my District leader went home and im so sad, and everyone pretty much left, not really but it feels like it haha" :)

"HOT AIR BALLOONS!! I  lllloooovvveeee them! ahhh its soo cool ive never seen one in person and wowo they are amazing! so im obsessed!"

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