Sunday, July 12, 2015

Letter #11

Wow...this week was sorta a bummer one! But we will start off with good stuff! haha so there is Mia, if you remember we knocked on her door, and she invited us back for dinner, well the past couple of times we have gone there we don't really teach anything, just answer her bible questions which is great! But in district and zone meetings they want us to be lovingly bold and teach more simply! So we got to teach Mia the restoration, my favorite lesson, and we sit down and we have the lesson, and we were bold and told her that this is our purpose, to teach people that Gods power is now back on the earth and that we can use it! We are here to bring that joy and light to people and to you!
I shared my testimony on Joseph Smith and wow, the spirit was great! It's like you could just pick up hand fulls of the Holy Ghost haha! I LOVED it! Well, then we told her about transfers which are next Tuesday ( I find out Saturday night if I stay or go) and so we say a closing prayer and we are about to stand up, then Mia says,  can I hurry and say a prayer?  You don't say no when an investigator asks to pray!  So she did!  Mom, Dad, Family and Friends, wow! That night I gained a testimony of what pray with real intent and a sincere heart means! She prayed and asked to know if what we taught was true, and that if it is what the lord wants her to do to make it obvious to her! Then she said, "Lord if it be at all possible please let Kaylee and April (yes she knows our first names haha) stay here. But lord, if it be thy will please let me like and connect with the other missionaries."  After she said that I started praying that I could stay! It is possible that I could get transferred! But i just CAN'T!

We then the next day visited this less active family! I have only had 2 lessons with them, but WOW!!!  Being a missionary is great because like I said last week, I can just feel God's love for these people and I love them like they are my own family!! And ahhh, they are so great and they want to make the changes they need to to come back to church and to go to the temple! They have two little girls and just a week ago they had a little baby boy! We talked about how they can be together forever !!! ahhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!!

Then Friday we met with this cute old couple and the husband is active but not the wife! Well no one can ever get into their house but we have gone once a week for 4 weeks !!! Harry (the husband) was telling us how he had been through hard times and how the missionaries saved him and how he met his wife, and he just looked at us, and started tearing up and said, I am a living testimony that the Lord NEVER gives up on us!! I cried of course because I'm a Markus! But it was great and you guessed it! I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!  I prayed before we left and I was crying and they were crying! I just thanked Heavenly Father for this great family and how they have really helped us and how much we love them! Then the wife who is less active walked us out to the car and started to cry and said how much she loves us!

So many people have told us this week how much they love us and how much we have helped them! It has really helped me because this week I feel like I haven't done a thing to help anyone! But wow now writing this letter and looking back on the good stuff  like wow! The Lord has blessed me! I love you all so much and I am truly forever thankful for this gospel! I have no idea where I'd be with out it, and I don't know how I could go through life with out knowing that Heavenly Father loves me more than I can comprehend and Jesus Christ knows 100% how I feel because he's been through everything I have and ever will go through! 

Count your many blessings!!!!

Sister Markus 


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