Sunday, July 12, 2015

Letter #10

Hey family! So this week was alright, I got home sick again! What is that? Annoying I'll tell ya! But boy do I just LOVE the priesthood! Dad I can't say thank you enough for showing how important having the priesthood in the home is! I had my district leader give me a blessing and he said everything I needed to hear! It was great! I'm so grateful for my zone family! I never want to leave them or this area!!! This week we have been trying to contact for 2 hours a day.

So first off its been in the 100s here! And since there are no side walks you walk on the road and so its like a flippen oven!! You can just feel the heat coming off the road and you can feel it through your shoes! But everyone is so nice and member or not people ALWAYS offer us water and say how impressed they are! So that's a good way to start talking to people! 

We went contacting and we found this guy named Ruben, his girlfriend died about 8 months ago and has been having a hard time with it! Cue-- Plan Of Salvation Lesson! But he's so awesome totally accepting and it's just great! He was telling us when we first knocked on his door, normally he wouldn't answer it, but he just did and when he got talking with us he said that there was just something about us that he liked and he wanted to invite us in right then! He always tells us he loves how he feels when he is around us!

It's so fun just because wow, I'll never have these experiences again. The reason they feel that way is because I am lucky enough to be a representative of Jesus Christ! Wow, I'm so lucky! We have been able to go do service at a place called St. Felix food pantry. It's like a bishop store house so its been fun to go there! One lady asked if we were nuns! haha But I was able to talk to her more and invited her to church, but she didn't come. But I think she would go to a different church house than the one in my area. 

But like I said it has been like 101 degrees and..... OUR A/C BROKE!!! ): Oh man its always hot and I can't sleep at night. Ever since the MTC I haven't been able to sleep all through the night, and the fact that it is way hot doesn't help. So we have been sleeping in our front room because there are windows and a fan! 

But everyday I for SURE, see the Lords hand in my life!  That is something you each should do at the end of each day look and see how the Lord has blessed you! You will see a greater love that the Lord has for you than you ever knew! 


With love from me to you,

Sister Markus :)

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