Sunday, July 19, 2015

Letter #13

WOW WOW WOW!!! OK well transfers! So we were sitting at transfers and there was Sister Baker and then a sister from a ward in our stake and then one I  didn't know. So I thought what? Oh my goodness the sister that was in my zone but a different area is going to be my new companion! So I was freaking out a little but then.......Sister Baker got transferred to El Paso and her companion is Sister Bowen! She is the one I met before I left!!!! Crazy huh! Then they told me that my companion was coming up from El Paso! So that was at like 7:00 am and she didn't get here till 6:30 pm! So I just hung out with the STLS all day which was fun! 

Then I met my new companion finally! Her name is Sister Watkins and shes AMAZING!! She's from Idaho and she loves the Beatles!!! She is  a super hard worker and is just AMAZING! It is like we have been friends forever! But....this is her last transfer! So she's dying or aka I'm killing her! That's what they call it! 

Anyways, I was SUPER stressed because I have no idea how to take over an area! I have been stressed at what to do and how to teach the new WML (ward mission leader) who is awesome! He's super excited and wants to change and do things differently which is good. A lot of good is going to happen in Star Heights! 

But, I have been feeling a little like the beginning of my mission! Helpless! Sometimes I feel like I pray for help and comfort and guidance and I get nothing..... that is something I really am trying to learn! I'm trying to learn how God talks to me and how he answers my prayers and how he comforts me in time of need! I just have this feeling that once I figure it out and learn and grow I will find someone who needs help with it and I will know how to help them...which I know is good but I just wish I didn't have to go through such a hard thing, but I guess how else am I supposed to grow on a mission! 

It's weird getting used to someone new. I was with Sister Baker so much (3 MONTHS) so its weird! 

So I don't know if i told you but an STLl are sisters who are  just like your best friends and you go on exchanges with them and you can talk to them if you need help! All that good stuff! Well one day I had a pretty hard day and I was crying.... you know the usual! But we came home and they had put all theses hearts all over the door! it just made my day! I am sooo lucky to have an amazing zone family! 

But I have seen a ton of miracles! The first day we found a TON of potentials and we picked up a new investigator! ahhh I can just feel the blessings coming to Star Heights!!!! 

Oh!  also, we had this CRAZY rain storm! It's been REALLY rainy and we have had a lot of  thunder and lightning! Like it is insane!!! 

Anyways, I Love you all!
Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With love from me to you!!!

Sister Markus 

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