Sunday, January 31, 2016


so this is Ervin and his mom and dad, his parents we are hoping will be baptized soon, the dads heart has been sooooo softened!!!!

And then I take after [my] mom and cant keep my eyes open in pictures! 

we taught him the 10 commandments and number 4 is don't rock on .....Sundays go to church!
He loved that one! So he made the rock on Sunday part and I made the go to church part! hahaha we are funny!!!

since we had to go to ABQ for the doctor, I GOT CHICK FIL A 

over my fear of chickens....some what

I had two investigators give me gifts

Our ward mission leader doesn't quite know my name is guess... haha sister marcos 

Luminaries!! This was soooo cool! they light the way for Christ into your home! and ahhhh soooooo cool!! 

when my companion had to fix my hair...

After the missionary broadcast!

Classic New Mexico red chili! 

Our investigator ashley always wants me to hold lilly her little girl and she decided that if we sat together that'd be ok! she says I'm one of the only ones who can get her to smile!!

its sooooooo foggy! the pictures is on the top of a hill looking into the valley! you cant see anything not even mountains!

After christmas snow!!!!! yaya!!!

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