Sunday, January 31, 2016

Letter #41

January 26th

So this week has been amazing. On Thursdays we go to Mandy’s farm to do service. We work a lot with the animals, and there were some alpaca fighting, it was pretty funny! Those are crazy animals, the elders were in the pin with them when they were fighting, and oh that was great too!

Wed. we had the world wide missionary broadcast Ahhhh that was soooo cool! I learned sooo mocha and have already seen blessings come from it! 

On Saturday we decided to make a consecration scheduled! And it’s been sooo cool to see how much more of the spirit we have and the miracles we have seen! Its sooo true that scripture in D&C 130:20-21 when you do what the lord asks he will bless you!

Sundays are really fun, as crazy as 9 hours of church sounds it’s great! Paul and Andrew are the most amazing people I have met!! I learn sooo much from them! I don’t even know how to explain it but they are sooo sweet and humble, they love and are understanding the gospel! I feel like I have known them forever!!

Then on Monday we locked our key in the apt, so one of my companions-sister Fristup had to climb through the window, but with grace and class!!Family

People we saw this week;

Brother Bock- we had to tell him that we couldn’t come see him anymore because he’s not progressing, he’s less active and does want to change, and he told us he wouldn’t be sad when he got to heaven. And I my heart broke, he’s never been to the temple and I know I just KNOW that when he gets to heaven and if he doesn’t do anything here, he will be sooo sadden...

Ervin- he’s sooo awesome and it soooo amazing to see him still progress even after he was baptized!! You can see the difference having the Holy Ghost with someone makes! 

Bro Musket- he’s Navajo! And I love it! My favorite thing is teaching the gospel but then teaching it to natives!! Ahhhhhhh!!! He’s less active and it’s awesome! Because when you talk about the book of Mormon THATS HIS FAMILY!
And we asked if there was a story in his tribe of a great white spirit coming to visit his people long ago, and he said yes. It was sooo cool to tell him about 3 Nephi 11 and say ok here it is! Ahhhh

Ashley- Cool miracle that has taken over the course of the whole transfer;

So there is a family named the Fords, and we (Sister Christensen and I) had dinner with them the night before Thanksgiving.
They were telling us of their friend Ashley, who was divorced and had a baby out of wedlock but is super sweet. They told us she comes over to their home all the time because she loves how it feels! Well then Brother Ford was teasing and saying we should come and see them tomorrow. And I thought no, we have already seen you, we need to spend our time elsewhere, 

well all during the next day I felt like we needed to go over there. But I had no idea why. So finally around 8:00 pm I said ok! we will go over, and right has we went over the ford's friend Ashley was coming over, we met her and set up a lesson,

Then next week we taught her the Restoration, the spirit was sooo strong. Well the next day she went to the bank, she let this man cut in front of her and thought nothing of it. well the next day she was having a really bad day, and the bank called and told her the man who she let cut in front of her left her something. So she goes back, not remember that she’s a single mom with a hard life. The man left a book and $20!

She read about the author of the book who was this man. He’s a member and he’s in our stake. Anyways last night we taught the plan of salvation and the spirit was sooooo their wow that was such a special lesson, she said this made sooo much sense to her! And we taught the lesson at the Fords home and THE MAN WHO GAVE HER THE BOOK WAS THEIR!!! And it was cool because the book he wrote he added in the last chapter of the story of Ashley! And talked about the missionaries! So I’m in a book now!!! :) 

It’s just a huge testimony that God has a plan for everyone and he will do everything he can to get us on that plan!

This is just one of the "many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land" Alma 26:12

I just love this work! I am sooo honored that our heavenly father entrusts me with his children!!  The feeling it is to bring this joy to others is one I will never be able to express!!!

I feel like Ashley and I knew each other in the preexistence and I told her I would bring the gospel to her!!

Well I love you family and friends! Thanks for all you do!!!

Love sister Markus 

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