Sunday, January 31, 2016

Letter #38

January 5th

So last tue. my companion wasn't feeling good, so I had to take her to an urgent care.....they thought it was stomach acid stuff, but her stomach has been hurting her for about a month in a half now, so not sure whats going on, the stuff they gave us at the Dr's. hasn't helped. She's too sick to do anything, and it  has been hard to find splits with members, so I haven't gotten to work a lot, ugh...I feel like there is such great potential here and Satan knows it and so hes doing everything in his power to make the work slow down! But I refuse!!!!!

Kathleen got baptized and that was amazing, she of course was just beaming, that is something that is so cool,  you can see a physical change in these people! The light is just radiating around them! And it was cool because shes 68 and so her brother baptized her while her nephew was in there as well to help and wow, plan of salvation was just laid out! Here is this man who 40 years ago found the church and was baptized and since then he has been trying to have his sister join the church. They are the only family they have here on earth, before their mom died she joined and was sealed to her husband! 

And now, after 20 years of Kathleen searching and looking, she is a member of our Heavenly Fathers Family, and even better, now they truly can be a full family up in the celestial kingdom!!! 

Wow, to think I even helped with a part of that is what I wanted in my mission, to help people to be with their families for eternity, and Kathleen is now on that path!!

I know, my dear sweet family and friends, I KNOW that God has a plan for each of us! Iit may take 40 years, it may take 3. But God will never give up, its not in his nature to give up on us!  Just like Alma's father, Alma, we must pray daily with sincere hearts and real intent having faith in our Savior Jesus Christ, that our loved ones who don't know of the truthfulness or have fallen away may one day  in fact learn and know! 

I am sooo honored to know that I can help those humble prayers be answered! 

I love you I love you I love you!!!

Sister Markus

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