Sunday, January 31, 2016

Letter #39

January 12th

Man yet another crazy week! My companion still isn’t doing good, she is getting a cat scan tomorrow! Crazy, she told me the other day she had a feeling she was going home, I sort of felt the same, so I have no idea what will happen! 

It’s been hard because since she hasn’t been able to really work she doesn’t love the people as much , that’s what she has told me so that is hard because I looove these people!

Ok sooo cool story, so I’m not sure if you remember George, he was at a rehab place and our Mission President baptized him. It was AMAZING! 

Well George was so awesome that he went back after he was baptized and was telling all the people he knew about it. Well the last week in December came and this guy named Paul came (we have a member who works at this rehab place and others who can go pick them up) and so Paul came and he loved it, well the next Sunday was canceled then the next he couldn’t come because someone forgot to sign so he could come! So he wants to learn sooo bad! Well this last Sunday, he came and he brought his friend Andrew!!!

Ahhhh I just love it, they are people who have been to jail and are now in a rehab and just soooo humble!!!! Ahhhh sooo ready for the gospel and the lesson was soooo spirit filled!

And I love love love them! Because they are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Other than that not much has happened!!! 

I love you all!!!

Sister Markus

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