Sunday, January 31, 2016

Letter #40

January 19th

So its has been yet another crazy week!

So wed. we thought Sister Rackley would have the cat scan but she didn't, so that day was slow. Then she had it Thursday, and it went good, it was at 11:00 and by 1:00 we had the results.... nothing.

She was still in a lot of pain and they didn't know what was going on. So President Miller called Thursday at10:25 saying that he was going to move her closer to ABQ.

So now I am in a trio with my STL's who already cover two areas! So they cover the YSA and another ward.
Which means that we now cover 2 wards and the YSA Branch which also means we have 9 hours of church. WOOT! haha It is fun, just a lot! So Friday morning is when we combined! So its fun because now its like work work work! I love it! 

The two men we are teaching, Andrew and Paul, they are amazing! Just seeing them I get excited, they truly love the gospel! Andrew told us he was going to read the whole Book of Mormon this week! hahaha :)

With the Sister's areas we cover a place that is called Meadow Lake, El Cerro ahh its great!! Its just in the middle of no where! 

There was one time a couple of weeks ago that for a p-day we went to this gas station out there called Mana Mart, so its half gas station half food place! hahah oh man, and they don't really speak English. Well (Sister Gibbons and I) were trying to tell him what we wanted and he told us to try something else. So we said ok! 1- bad, you do not go to a gas station and tell them "sure, i have no idea what you said but that sounds good!

hahah so the one Spanish speaking Elder asked what we got, we couldn't remember what it was called, then when we got it the Spanish man called it out. So we ask the Elder what it was, he said pork meat!

I ate it...........just one bite....... gross gross gross. It had a familiar taste? what the.........

flash back to my first transfer...when I had pig fat and pig skin soup....

YUP IN MY burrito was pig skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

So its just constantly just an adventure out here! I love this area!!!!!

Also, today I thought I would get a hair cut.....its terrible... just terrible...

but last night I cut my companions hair and it looks great!!!!

hahaha but I am doing good, I have now had 5 areas, and 10 companions, and transfers are on the 1st! So it will be a normal tue p day! But I'm excited! I love my mission and I just love this work!!! 

I love you all and hope all is well!!!!

Love Sister Markus

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